Technology Certificates

The master in education program also offers four 18-hour certificate programs: Instructional Math, Instructional Technology, Instructional Technology/Media, and Web Design. These are online programs, please note that these are not state teaching certificates.

Instructional Math (18 hours)

SCI 639: Data Analysis
SCI 640: Integers, Brain Research and Differential Instruction
SCI 641: From Patters to Functions
SCI 642: Introduction to Continuous Functions
SCI 643: Rational Numbers

SCI 644: Geometry and Measurements

Contact Information:

Dr. Terri Doman
(417) 873-7271

Instructional Technology (18 hours)

SCI 623: History, Security, and Ethics of Technology
SCI 632: Educational Evaluation
SCI 633: Instructional Product Development
SCI 634: Instructional Design and Delivery
SCI 635: Simulations and Virtual Reality

SS 639: Leadership Techniques

Contact Information:

Asikaa Cosgrove
(417) 873-7806

Instructional Technology/Media (18 hours)

HFA 646: Broadcasting for Teachers I
HFA 647: Broadcasting for Teachers II
HFA 649: Ethics in Media
HFA 650: Media Writing

Choose six hours:
HFA 651: Digital Editing-Adobe
HFA 652: Digital Editing Techniques and Tips - Final Cut Pro
HFA 690: Special Topics
HFA 690: Special Topics

Contact Information:

Graduate Programs Office
(417) 873-7530

Web Design (18 hours)

SCI 620: Technology in the Classroom
SCI 623: History, Security, and Ethics of Technology
SCI 625: Online Pedagogy
SCI 626: Web Communications and Design
SCI 627: Advanced Web Design & Development
SCI 628: Technology Infrastructure and Support

Contact Information:

Asikaa Cosgrove
(417) 873-7806