FAQ: Online Education

Earn college credit online!

The Internet is revolutionizing the way we live at home and at work. It can even change the way we "go to class". Drury University offers an increasing and varied number of graduate courses via the Internet. Existing courses are rotated and new courses added on a regular basis. The following discussion will help answer some basic questions you may have about taking online courses.

What are online courses?

Online education represents the latest in the application of computer-based technology for the delivery of classroom instruction to students who are isolated by geography or time restrictions. It is designed to accommodate the needs of today's students who have careers and jobs that inhibit their ability to attend regularly scheduled classes at fixed sites. Online courses bring the "virtual classroom" to the student and offer the same high quality level of instruction that the campus-based student receives.

Are online courses the same as "independent or directed study"?

No! This is interactive instruction online. Students are required to participate and be "present" in class, though not necessarily at the same time as other students. A student indicates his or her "presence" in the virtual classroom through messages and discussion forums organized by the instructor.

Please remember that classes "meet" on a weekly basis. This means that students must participate each and every week to receive the full benefits from these interactive, online courses. Students expected to actively engage in online discussions on a regular basis. If you do not participate, you are considered as "absent" from class.

Do the students and instructor ever meet face to face?

Orientation, exams, and lectures are conducted through the WebCT software delivery system via the Internet. Any exceptions will be mentioned in the syllabi of the individual courses.

What qualifications are required to participate in an online course?

Students who enroll in an online course must already possess demonstrated computer skills. They must have Internet proficiency and access to the necessary computer hardware and software to participate in the class.

How many online courses can I take per semester?

Two courses per semester are the recommended maximum course load. For first time online students, only one course is recommended. Students with experience in online classes may take more than two courses.

Where do I find out what classes are being offered online for the coming semester?

Too view the schedules of courses being offered for the coming semester, please visit Calendars & Schedules for Graduate Programs. Schedules are also available at the Drury University College of Graduate & Continuing Studies in Springfield, Missouri or any one of the satellite campuses.

What about purchasing textbooks for my course?

Textbooks can be purchased in person at the Springfield campus DU Bookstore or via our Online Book Order Form. Students who wish to use vouchers or credit cards may do so via this secure site. To find the textbooks for any course, please go to the textbook order link and enter the information requested. Several screens will need to be filled in before the actual textbooks become visible. Students will not be charged until an order submission is completed at the very end of the process.

Where can I register for online courses?

Students must register through eRegistrar (New students need to fill out an online course form that will become available at the appropriate time for registration).

How expensive is an online course?

All online courses cost the same as a seated course. See Financial Affairs for Graduate Programs for more information.

It sounds good but is it right for me?

Online courses require self-discipline and organization. You must set aside adequate time to plan ahead for success in online classes!

For more detailed information about taking Drury University graduate courses online, please visit:

Online Education

If you have further questions, please contact the Online Program Office at (417) 873-7727 or via email at online@drury.edu.