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Student Spotlight: Meet Wes Bird

Building Relationships. Professionalism. Challenging Coursework.

Those are three things accounting and finance major Wes Bird has been learning from his experience at Drury. Wes credits being a member of the Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) organization for giving him life long memories as well as experience for the real world. "Through Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE), I've made some of the best memories here at Drury," Wes recalls. "Getting to see my work pay off after a full year and being recognized as one of the top SIFE teams in the nation has really been exciting and one of my best memories."

Making a Name for Yourself Building Relationships

Joining clubs and organizations - or starting your own - can be a great way to set yourself apart from other students on campus, according to Wes. "It's really a great way you can set yourself apart at a campus like this. There are so many opportunities for you to be active while you're at Drury. I've been able to take a passion of mine and run with it." Wes also credits time management skills and the ability to balance school work, clubs, and a social life as important skills to learn early.

But it's not just the relationships created through those clubs and social life that can have an impact on your college experience. Wes has found guidance and mentoring through developing rapport with his professors, including accounting professor Dr. Penny Clayton.

"She's really been more than just a professor to me," he says. "She's advised me outside of the classroom, and taken a personal interest in what classes I'm taking and what's really going to make me happy here at Drury. I can't image having a professor that would care more about my future success."

Wes credits these types of strong relationships with professors with preparing him for life after Drury. In fact, he is confident that the internship experience he earned at Drury will lead to a job opportunity after graduation.

"It gives me the experience I need through an internship opportunity, which has come as a direct result from the relationship I have with my professors, as well as the professionalism that I learned in the classroom," he says. "With the global studies minor that every student comes out of Drury with, I really understand my place in the local community as well as internationally."

Getting Involved and Inspiring Others

The most common piece of advice Drury's students and alumni offer incoming students is to get involved on campus, but as Wes points out, students also have the option to start their own organizations around their passions - and in turn, inspire others to do the same.

"The advice I would give to new Drury students would be to take advantage of the campus resources that are available to you through the organizations that Drury has. Or if it's a passion that you want to start your own organization, it's possible and it's out there for everybody. You can get involved, and that's really what's going to set you apart and make you valuable for future employers."

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