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Current City:
Boulder, Colorado
Business Administration
Owner, Walsworth Sales Inc.

What has one of your career highlights been?

What is one of your fondest Drury memories?

What was one of the most important life lessons from Drury?

Alumni Spotlight: Meet Stuart Walsworth

“Living together, playing together, and going to school together. It was just really special.”

During his time at Drury at a student in the Breech School of Business Administration, 1989 graduate Stuart Walsworth learned many life lessons and made many memories with friends, all of which he says continue to remain a part of his life today. Although Stuart is originally from Springfield, he now lives in Denver, Colorado, where he is co-owner of Walsworth Sales Inc., an electronic manufacturing brokerage firm.

Although his global travels as an international entrepreneur often take him far from home, Stuart never ventures far from the valuable lessons he learned and the lifelong friendships he made while at Drury.

Applying Life Lessons

While a student here, Stuart was a member of several student organizations, played tennis and was a member of Sigma Nu fraternity. Throughout those experiences, one particular life lesson stands out as the one he most frequently applies to his professional and personal life: accountability.

That idea of accountability, among the many others he learned during his years on campus, has helped Stuart be successful in the business world.

“[Drury] prepared me in that when I was given a task, it was expected to be completed to the best of my abilities,” he says. “That certainly comes into play a lot with my professional life. In the classroom or the conference room, it’s the same situation. You’re given tasks and expected to complete them to the best of your abilities."

Staying Connected

While Stuart earned his degree more than 20 years ago, his lasting friendships remain a testament to the personal relationships that develop amongst the Drury community.

In fact, Stuart says the memorable sense of humor of his favorite communication professor remains a treasured memory – and frequent topic of conversation when he gets together with his former classmates.

As the old adage goes, the friends you make in college are the ones you’ll remain close to throughout your life. This has certainly held true for Stuart and his group of friends from Drury. And life lessons and professional preparation aside, he counts those lifelong friendships as one of the best and most lingering aspects of his Drury experience.

“I made some wonderful friends there that I still stay in touch with on a very regular basis and see as often as possible,” Stuart says. “I think that’s what the Drury experience brought me.”

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