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Current City:
Denver, Colorado
Public Relations '07
Graduate Student

How has your experience at Drury guided you since graduating?

What are some of your fondest Drury memories?

What advice would you give a new Drury student?

Alumni Spotlight: Meet Rebecca Newbold

Independence. Greek Life. Love. A sense of belonging.

Rebecca Newbold experienced all of these things while studying public relations at Drury, where she learned not only how to succeed and thrive, but to also support herself.

Developing Skills for Life at Drury

Rebecca continues to show her independence now as she is living away from Springfield after graduating in 2007. She is currently finishing her Master’s degree at Regis University in Colorado. College life at Drury helped Rebecca be able to move out on her own.

During her time at Drury, Rebecca was involved in a sorority as a leader. “I think one of the most profound experiences I had at Drury was being in charge of my sorority’s philanthropic fundraising event, which was actually in memory of my own sister. I think that that experience really proved to me that I can be a leader.”

A Match Made in Heaven (or Pearson's Hall)

Rebecca found a lot more than the skills to be a leader while she was a student at Drury - she met the love of her life in front of Pearson's Hall.

During her sophomore year, she met a young man named Craig Metcalf with the help of her best friend, Ashley. Rebecca first saw Craig registering for Drury during orientation in 2004.

“He didn’t know, but I had my eye on him at freshmen orientation," Rebecca recalls. "The rest of the summer went on and school started, and it was probably the second week of school, we finally ran into each other in front of Pearson's, and Ashley introduced us. We’ve been together ever since.”

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