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Student Spotlight: Meet Molly Riddle

Getting involved. Creating Memories. Gaining Experience.

These three things have helped junior Molly Riddle, an advertising and public relations major, learn about herself during her past three years at Drury. Molly isn’t just a student though; she is a resident assistant, a student organization president, an avid fan of avocados, cats and antique shopping.

Get Involved, But Not Too Involved

Because she is so involved on campus, Molly has plenty of been-there, done-that experiences to share with new students. One of the most important lessons she’s learned from her experiences is to take chances and get involved as soon as you get to campus.

“My freshman year, I went home every weekend, and didn’t put myself out there. And my sophomore year, I put myself out there more, and did a lot of new things,” Molly recalls. “I think it was the best thing I have ever done. I just wish I had done it earlier. I would recommend that freshmen get involved. It doesn’t matter if they are joining Greek Life, or joining an organization, or just meeting new people in the dorm. Just put yourself out there. It’s worth it.“

And while getting involved on campus is important to getting the most out of the college experience, Molly warns that it is important to leave some time for yourself.

“I became too involved in things,” Molly admits, “and I became overwhelmed with how involved I was. I had to learn to say no to some things, and put priorities first and do what’s best for me."

Create Memories to Last a Lifetime

Molly has many fond memories from her years at Drury. One of those memories revolves around playful antics that often occur in residence halls.

“My fondest Drury memory is from freshman year. “ Molly begins, “There was a prank war between my bathroom-mate and me. She took my chair out of my room or something and hid it somewhere, so to get her back, I took all of her things out of the bathroom - her shampoo, conditioner, razor, everything -  and taped them to the ceiling and under shelves. She was still finding things weeks later.”  

As a freshman Molly lived in Sunderland Hall with her Alpha classmates. "We went to movies together a lot, and went and got coffee at 3 a.m. I miss it.”

Now a junior, Molly documents her daily experiences at Drury and experiences in general via her blog on Drury Unscripted. 

“Drury Unscripted is a new project that Drury is doing where we have a few bloggers from every year.” Molly explains, “Sometimes we try to be a little witty with it and take a satirical take on it, but we also get serious and talk about our experiences and how we’ve learned from them and are making a name for ourselves at Drury.”

She says that her personal role on the blog is to “be honest about what my college experience is like. Not sugar coating, no frills.”

Gain Experience, Get Ahead

After graduation Molly hopes to be a social media representative for an area business, or several area businesses, with help from her advisor and other professors in the communication department, and her work with Drury Unscripted.

“Drury is preparing me for life after college,” Molly says, “by giving me opportunities to get involved on campus and to learn from those experiences. Being the leader of an organization has helped me be organized and learn how to lead a group of people…. I’ve been to conferences where I’ve met area professionals and done some networking. I’ve had mock interviews that have helped me out tremendously, and I’ve learned what it means to be professional and be responsible in the workplace.”

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