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Houston, Missouri
Political Science, English & Pre-Law

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Student Spotlight: Lacon Smith

"Learning and growing together throughout college is such a rewarding experience."

As a transfer student, Lacon Smith brings the unique perspective of a student who previously attended a larger university before discovering her place at Drury. In fact, Lacon says that she's been able to become more involved and meet more people than she did at a much larger campus.

"I am much more involved since coming to Drury. Drury is like a small town and it’s nice developing intimate relationships with my fellow classmates," Lacon says. "Learning and growing together throughout college is such a rewarding experience that Drury has to offer and is unparalleled."

For Lacon, the decision to switch universities wasn't a difficult one after her campus visit.

"Before coming to Drury, I attended a large state university—which has many benefits, but I always felt something missing. Upon visiting Drury, I fell in love with the gorgeous campus and the quality of the professors. I knew that I absolutely had to transfer and it has proven to be an extremely rewarding decision," she says.

Preparing for the Future

Lacon is studying political science, English and pre-law at Drury, with the intent on attending law school following the completion of her undergraduate degree. The classroom and real-world applications are preparing her for that future, as are the experiences she has in extracurricular activities on campus.

"I hope to gain the wisdom and knowledge necessary to thrive in law school," she says. "Developing life-long friendships and relationships with my classmates and professors is near and dear to my heart. I hope to leave a lasting impression at Drury University that my future children will be able to look back on and be proud of."

Answering a Higher Calling

Lacon has no problem recalling her favorite Drury moment. It happened one night while studying upstairs in the Olin Library. Lacon says she felt a stirring in heart to reach out to God.

"I began praying and felt called to pray for a spiritual awakening on campus. About twenty minutes later I left Olin and there was a group of around fifteen students praying," she says. "I joined them and I made some great friendships that night. I know that it was a divine appointment that the Lord had in store for me and I can feel the work of God in play at Drury.

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