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Alumni Spotlight: Meet Elliott Pollard

"Opportunity is everywhere."

Elliott Pollard graduated from Drury in 2007 with a degree in mathematics and minors in computer science, physics and global studies. When he left Drury to pursue his career as a web programmer, though, he left with more than just his degree. From Drury, Elliott took a newfound confidence and memories he made at Drury.

Gaining Confidence

At the beginning of his undergraduate education, Elliott recalls being a bit on the introverted side. But with the small size of Drury's campus and student body, combined with the rich opportunities for new experiences and leadership roles, Elliott found his voice.

"Going into college, I was slightly introverted and I was kind of scared to try new things," Elliott says. "But it's such a community and there's so many opportunities that you're able to get the full college experience."

For Elliott, that experience meant becoming a student leader and role model for younger students as a resident assistant in one of Drury's undergraduate residence halls.

Memories Made, Relationships Built

Elliott was eager to share memories of the "the full college experience" that he enjoyed at Drury.  One of this favorites? Elliott recalls playing a game known as "Sardines" in Wallace Hall before students moved in during the first of his two years as a resident assistant. Elliott considers everything he did with his best friend Todd as favorite memories. He got to know his professors as individuals, and they got to know him. The list of memories goes on and on.

And, of course, Elliott places meeting the woman who would later became his wife as one of the best memories from his time at Drury.

A New Perspective

According to Elliott, it's the liberal arts education, the small campus, and the sense of community that makes Drury unique.

In fact, now that he works at a much larger university, Elliott says he's gotten a new perspective on just how special the Drury experience is. At the larger university, it's easy for undergraduate students to be faces in the crowd, and to have minimal interaction with their professors. As for Elliott's undergraduate experience, his physics professor also helped him hone his racquetball skills when class wasn't in session.

That's the Drury difference.

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