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Springfield, Missouri
Advertising & Public Relations

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Student Spotlight: Meet Amber Perdue

Thinking independently. Caring for others. Staying involved.

All of these are actions that Amber Perdue, a public relations and advertising major from Springfield, Mo., uses to describe what she does with her time at Drury. And Amber has always been an extroverted, people-person, her roles as a resident assistant and Edward Jones Scholar have allowed her to really develop those traits while having a positive impact on those around her at the same time.

Leaving a Mark on Others

One of her most cherished roles on campus is that of a resident assistant in Sunderland Hall, where Amber helps residential freshmen students transition to college life. Whether she's leading her Sunderland residents to win in a hall decorating contest or offering an ear to a fellow student who needs to talk, Amber is having an impact on campus every day as campus life has an impact on her.

"I work with freshmen that are here, and they're going through this process and they don't know what it's fully about yet," Amber says of her role as a mentor to new students. "It's not that I have it all figured out, so I'm learning with them. I think especially my role as an RA, where I'm just sort of learning about myself and guiding others in their whole college experience, has definitely had an impact on the Drury community."

Living and Learning as an Individual

In addition to serving as a resident assistant, Amber is also an Edward Jones Scholar, which means she lives, thinks and acts as an entrepreneur.

"What does that even mean?" she asks. "What is an entrepreneur? An entrepreneur is someone who can think for themselves, can think individually, and go for the things that they want to achieve."

Whether that means speaking up in class - something Amber says she's not at all shy about doing, and encourages the same from other students - to staying involved academically and socially at Drury, one thing is for sure: Amber is putting her heart and soul into all that she does, and continues to be an influential force on campus.

 "Life at Drury is very unexpected. It's whatever you make it. Whatever you put in is what you're going to get out - so you make the most of it."

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