Tori Fugate

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Current City:
Kansas City, Missouri
Advertising '07
Manager of Marketing & Development for KC Pet Project

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Alumni Spotlight: Meet Tori Fugate

As freshmen enter college, they'll hear this advice around every corner: Get involved. That advice was no different for 2007 graduate Tori Fugate, who decided to heed the advice and take in as many different experiences as possible.

In fact, while at Drury, it seems that Tori did it all. She majored in Advertising, but also picked up minors in fields as varied as Global Studies, Sports Marketing and Women's Studies. Tori was also active in the university's music department, participating in the Drury Singers program. Think all of that sounds like enough? Not for Tori. She also joined Greek Life and studied abroad in Volos, Greece and Rome, Italy - experiences she counts among her very favorite at Drury.

"All of my favorite memories from Drury have to do with my time studying abroad," Tori says. "I went to Volos one summer and Rome the next. Both were incredible experiences. Also, I traveled with the Drury Singers to Scotland and the United Kingdom in May 2007 and sang in St. Paul's Cathedral in London. That would be pretty high up on my list of favorite memories. Thanks, Dr. (Allin) Sorenson!"

Prepared for the Future

So what does someone with such a vast academic experience ultimately do after graduation? Well, for Tori, her career has pretty much gone to the dogs - literally. Tori is the Manager of Marketing & Development for the KC Pet Project, the nonprofit organization that operates the animal shelters in Kansas City. Watching her interact with her furry clients, it's clear to see that this career path is leading in the direction ideal for the El Dorado Springs native.

Since graduating from Drury in 2007, Tori has used her degree and academic experiences in a variety of roles.

"I moved to Kansas City in 2007 right out of college for an internship at the Kansas City Chiefs, which eventually turned into a full-time job," she said. "I also worked for the Missouri Restaurant Association and had various restaurant and retail jobs. I recommend everyone work in a restaurant and at a retail store at least once in your life! It changes your perspective on people who choose the service industry as their career."

Tori says that internships she secured while studying at Drury, along with other applications of the materials she learned in her undergraduate classes, have really played a role in her professional growth.

"I was fortunate enough to have great internships before I left Drury that helped me prepare for life outside of college," she says. "I received an advertising degree never really thinking I would use it. And now, at this stage in my career, I'm definitely using my degree and recalling everything I learned in my ad classes."

Looking Back on Life at Drury

When talking to Tori about her college days at Drury, it's easy to hear the excitement in her voice as she talks about the experiences. The small, community atmosphere allowed Tori to really immerse herself in academic and extracurricular interests.

"Drury was such a wonderful experience for me," she says. "I enjoyed the small classes and the one-on-one attention you got from professors. The reason I chose Drury was because of their music department, even though I was not a music major. I loved that I was able to continue my focus on music and get an education at the same time."

With her varied academic and social interests, Tori's advice to incoming freshmen is to take a similarly broad approach to their college experience.

"Take all the classes in different areas of studies as you can," she says. "There are so many wonderful professors at Drury, all versed in different subjects, and you have a lot to learn from them."

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