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Springfield, Missouri
Biology '08
General Dentist

What was the academic life like at Drury?

What was campus life like?

What is one of your favorite memories from Drury?

Alumni Spotlight: Meet Dr. Chase Kelly

Staying focused. Developing relationships. Making memories.

After graduating in 2008 with a degree in biology, Dr. Chase Kelly took his undergraduate experience to the UMKC School of Dentistry in Kansas City, where he completed a four-year program to earn a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. Now back in his hometown of Springfield practicing general dentistry, Chase says his Drury connections have helped along the way well beyond graduation.

"Drury has a strong reputation as a well-rounded university with high standards for academic achievement," Chase says. "The pace of the pre-medical program at Drury gave me a good base to further my studies. Many graduate programs are very familiar with Drury which will help tremendously during your application process should you choose to continue your education."

In fact, many of the faculty doctors and staff at the UMKC School of Dentistry are Drury alumni - a fact which helped him build connections and relationships throughout his doctoral work.

Recalling Fond Memories

The Drury experience didn't just stick with Chase after graduation. He still recalls fondly the academic and social life he enjoyed at Drury, counting the low student to faculty ratio and individual attention from faculty as one highlight.

"The personal relationships I was able to build with my professors were very valuable," Chase says. "I always felt like their passion for teaching and availability was what set them apart. The classes were challenging but prepared me very well for graduate studies."

And also Chase suggests that incoming students remember that school and family should be top priorities, he also remembers the fun social life available to students at Drury.

"The other side to Drury that I appreciated was the social atmosphere," he says. "I served on the Student Union Board who organized many events of all types throughout the year to get students involved. Playing Intramurals or throwing a Frisbee on Sutherland Field was always a great time. I grew up in Springfield so I also appreciated all that down town and the surrounding area had to offer."

Applying Liberal Arts Learning

Chase also believes he benefitted from the liberal arts background he received during his undergraduate career. In fact, Chase says, that liberal arts background has been useful throughout his professional training and establishment of his dental practice.

"When it came time to reflect on my personal philosophies and the philosophies I wished to carry on throughout my practice, Drury played a large role in giving me perspective," Chase says. "There are all types of people I have come across through the years. Many of my colleagues and patients come from different cultures. It has been helpful to look at these experiences and use them to develop a global perspective and have more of an appreciation for the people around us."

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