Student Organizations Policy

Policies regarding conduct, registration, violations, and suspensions

Drury University is committed to the belief that you have the right and privilege to organize and participate in groups whose purposes center around the interests and goals of the individuals involved. Though student organizations are able to function on campus and do enhance campus life, Drury University does not assume any responsibility for your organization, nor extend insurance coverage to its members.

Name of the Organization

The name of a Drury University student organization cannot duplicate that of an existing registered student organization or a university department. It cannot serve to misrepresent the nature or purpose of the organization.

Drury University may be used as part of the name in its title. This does not imply an endorsement by the university. Drury University will not be responsible for the organization’s unpaid bills, contracts or other business transactions.

Responsible Conduct

All student organizations (unregistered or registered) are responsible for conducting group affairs in a responsible manner consistent with university policies and applicable laws. All student organizations will be held accountable for the action and behavior of their members or guests at their functions. It is the responsibility of the registered student organization members to familiarize themselves with the university guidelines & policies. Individuals or groups that abuse the privileges associated with involvement in student organizations may limit the group’s ability to operate. If an organization is suspended from Drury University for any reason, it may not re-register under a different name with the intention of functioning in the capacity of the suspended group.

All student organizations could include, but are not limited to: active/registered organizations at Drury, inactive/unregistered organizations at Drury, organizations that operate mainly at Drury, organizations where the majority of members are Drury students, groups receiving funding from SGA, groups using the Drury name in operational procedures, and groups using Drury University as an avenue to recruit new members.

Officers should take responsibility to inform others in the organization about university policy affecting your group. Any change in officers, advisor, and/or constitution should be promptly submitted to the Student Activities Office via email to or by completing a new Registration/Renewal Agreement.

Though organizations are free to co-sponsor and implement programs and activities with other entities, they may not use their organizational status to allow unregistered groups to access services, facilities, or programs as if the entity were a registered group. When using campus facilities, services, and programs, organizations are required to identify the group by the name under which the organization is registered with the Student Activities Office.

Registration Compliance

If a registered group fails to maintain compliance with the criteria for registration, the Student Activities Office will notify the student leader and campus advisor of the organization, and a reasonable period of time will be allowed for the group to comply with this policy. Continued failure to comply will result in a request for the organization to show cause, in writing or in person, as to why its registration should not be withdrawn. If the group fails to show cause, the Student Activities Office will withdraw the registration.

Policy Violations

Student organizations in violation of Drury University or Student Organization policies and guidelines will be subject to the disciplinary sanctions through the Drury University Student Judicial Process. Disciplinary sanction may place specific restrictions and additional requirements on a student organization.


If an organization is suspended from Drury University for any reason, it may not re-register under a different name with the intention of functioning in the capacity of the suspended group. Disciplinary suspension for a student organization may be imposed for a period not to exceed five years.

Student Leadership Requirements

Each registered student organization is required to have at least three officers: a president, treasurer, and secretary; creating other officer positions is encouraged but not required.

The president and treasurer must be currently enrolled full-time, undergraduate, day school students at Drury University (Springfield campus) and have a minimum of a 2.5 cumulative grade point average. The president and treasurer may not be the same person. In addition, the president and secretary may not be the same person, nor may the treasurer and the secretary be the same person.

Campus Advisor Requirements

All registered student organizations are required to have a campus advisor. The campus advisor must be a full-time employee of Drury University (Springfield campus).

A graduate student may advise an organization only if done so as an assigned university job responsibility. This job description must be on file with the Student Activities Office to be considered effective.

The campus advisor will receive regular communication regarding the operations of the organization and should serve as a guide and mentor for your organization.

The responsibilities of the campus advisor are designated by the student organization itself, but often take the form of:

  • Attending meetings and events
  • Providing information on policies and procedures
  • Co-signing all financial transactions
  • Providing guidance and ideas

The campus advisor must give prior approval for all financial transactions and off-campus activities. They may be required to co-sign for financial obligations assumed by the organization.

A campus advisor may be required to sign legal documents in a transaction as the duly authorized representative of the organization. If the university judges that the campus advisor acted in good faith and within the scope of his/her authority, the university may choose to represent the campus advisor and student organization in resolving any claims of loss or damage arising from the transaction, therefore protecting the campus advisor from any liability. If the organization, its members, or campus advisor are found to have violated a university policy or procedure, the Drury University Student Judicial Board will review the incident and take whatever action is appropriate.

Operational Documents

Operational documents are required for all organizations to be in good standing with Drury University. The current operational documents for the organization must clearly describe the purpose, leadership responsibilities and operating procedures of the group. These documents must be specific to the organization applying for registration.

Organizations with inter/national affiliation must submit a copy of the inter/national operational documents.

Membership Requirements

The majority of the members of a student organization must be currently enrolled undergraduate day school students at Drury University (Springfield campus). Other members of the community and public are welcome to participate in student organizations providing they do not outnumber enrolled Drury University students.

Student organizations may not discriminate on the basis of race, national origin, color, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, veteran status and/or ability status. Under Title IX of the U.S. Education Act Amendment of 1972, certain exceptions may be granted for groups such as intercollegiate and intramural athletics and social fraternities or sororities.

Financial Management Requirements

All registered student organizations must maintain their account with the Drury University business office. A separate bank account is strictly prohibited unless written approval is received by the Vice President of Administration and Student Activities Office. Organization funds cannot be used for the personal benefit of any of its members.

Student Organization Spending

Books must be kept up-to-date. The elected treasurer should be handling the books and processing the paperwork with consultation from the campus advisor. If they are not meeting those responsibilities, it is advisable for your organization to elect a new treasurer.

  • Deficit Spending: Deficit spending will not and cannot be accepted. All deficit spending by student organizations will be funded from the Drury University department account of the campus advisor at the end of each fiscal year.
  • Advances: Advances need to be accounted for within 60 days of the event. This is an IRS requirement. This means receipts and/or cash totaling the amount of the advance need to be submitted to our office. Advances are charged to the recipient's student/faculty/staff account when issued. When accounted for, the appropriate amount is charged to the correct department account and removed from the receivable account.
  • Audits: All financial information and documents are subject to be audited at any time upon request by the Student Activities Office. Student organizations receiving funding from Student Government Association are subject to be audited annually by SGA, but may also be audited at any time upon request by SGA.


A safe and healthy environment for the event is the responsibility of all involved. Campus smoking regulations and alcohol policies must be adhered to during the event. There are no exceptions to the university smoking and alcohol policies.


If event information outlined on the Event & Fundraising Registration Form changes prior to the event, it is the responsibility of the sponsoring student organization to immediately inform the Student Activities Office.


Ensuring the adherence to Drury University policies is the responsibility of the sponsoring organization. Continued failure to adhere to Student Organization Event Guidelines could result in the loss of event privileges and charges to the student organization account.