Student Organization Fundraising Guidelines

Drury University is a safe, education-oriented and community-minded campus that maintains an academic and social environment conducive to intellectual and personal development of students and promotes the safety and welfare of all members of the campus community. Drury University prohibits the abuse of fundraising by its students, employees and citizens. Drury University will cooperate with authorities in the enforcement of all applicable laws.

Fundraising is defined as the collection of money through donations, sales and/or event programming for the purposes of charitable donation or organizational budget enhancement.

The abuse of fundraising by Drury students, university employees or Drury citizens is prohibited on university-owned or -controlled property, in conjunction with university-sponsored or -supervised activities, or at any activity or event that an observer would associate with Drury students, university employees or Drury citizens.

This policy has been established to protect the integrity of the educational experience, encourage positive behavior and enhance the community commitment of Drury students, university employees or Drury citizens.

The following guidelines are applicable to all fundraising activities:

  • SPONSOR REQUIREMENTS: An official Drury student organization or a campus department must sponsor the fundraising activity.
  • PURPOSE: The fundraising activity is required to benefit the university community and be consistent with the university's educational mission. The purpose for which the funds will be raised must be consistent with the purpose of the registered student organization or campus department.
  • RESPONSIBILITY: Sponsoring student organizations or campus departments are responsible for ensuring that proposed activities comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws, Drury University policies and guidelines. The fundraising activity must not violate legal, tax or corporate restraints upon the university.
  • FUNDS: All funds raised must be deposited into the Drury University business account or dispersed directly to the benefiting organization. The campus advisor or department chair should monitor the correct distribution of funds.
  • MONITORS: A university employee or currently enrolled student member(s) of the sponsoring student organization or campus department must be present during the entire time of the event.
  • MARKETING: A clearly labeled sign indicating the sponsoring organization’s name, goods, and/or services being sold and prices must identify spaces in which the fundraising activity is occurring.
  • ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS: Drury University reserves the right to require third parties participating in or conducting fundraising activities to meet additional requirements, including that such parties furnish evidence of insurance coverage acceptable to the university and/or agree to indemnify the university and university personnel against liabilities arising from their acts or omissions.
  • SPONSOR APPROVAL: Drury University reserves the right to approve the identity of any proposed sponsor and the content of sponsorship materials associated with a fundraising activity.
  • EVENT SHUTDOWN: Drury University reserves the right to disband any and all fundraising events held on university property without notice.

Fundraising for organizations having no direct affiliation with Drury University such as non-profit, charitable organizations or disaster relief organizations is permissible. By collaborating non-profit organizations, sponsoring groups can be sure that the needed goods are collected and proper distribution is available. The General Fundraising Guidelines must be followed, and:

  • NON-PROFIT STATUS: The third-party, non-profit organization submits a statement of support on letterhead to the Student Activities Office or Dean of Students Office acknowledging the group’s not-for-profit status and that fundraising will occur on its behalf and indicating the expected date of the receipt of the donation.
  • ACCURATE REPRESENTATION: The sponsoring group is responsible for accurate representation of the recipient organization to the donors and due diligence in seeing that the donated funds are used as represented.
  • FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: The registered student organization or campus department planning the event is responsible for all costs incurred in connection with the event, other than those borne by the charitable organization.
  • FUNDS COLLECTION: Do not collect cash. Instruct donors to make checks payable to the relief agency with which you are collaborating.
  • IMPORTANT DATES: Establish a pick-up date and clearly list goods and information required for collection.

Multiple options are available to allow sponsoring groups to raise money. Student organizations should involve their campus advisor in planning and campus departments should involve the department chair. Allowable options include:

  • Holding events on- or off-campus
  • Involving the Drury community in your fundraising efforts
  • Selling things to raise money for the organization
  • Hosting a competition to raise money for the organization
  • Asking businesses for donations as prizes for your event
  • Selling items that have been produced by the student organization or campus department and directly relate to the mission and goals
  • Items that promote school spirit (i.e. buttons, balloons) but do not conflict with Drury University logo policies

Drury University reserves the right to restrict all fundraising activities to reasonable times, places and manners. This list is not intended to be all-inclusive; there are other situations, which based upon the circumstances, may result in immediate shutdown of the event. The following activities are not allowed:

  • Fundraising events where alcohol is present or participants have previously consumed alcohol to feel comfortable participating
  • Fundraising events where people are auctioned/sold
  • Fundraising events for any candidate for political office
  • Fundraising events that are offensive to individuals/groups
  • Fundraising events that damage or destroy property
  • Solicitation by credit card or telephone card companies, with the exception of those approved by the Dean of Students Office.
  • Door-to-door fundraising on Drury University-owned, -operated or -controlled property
  • Sale or distribution of items that violate university trademark rights or existing contracts

All sponsoring groups must get the permission of and/or assistance from the Office of Institutional Advancement in order to raise funds from alumni or other individuals, foundations, businesses and government grants and contracts. Since Drury University is an active fundraising organization, it takes great strides to be sure that outside organizations and persons do not receive multiple requests from Drury.

  • BUDGET DEVELOPMENT: Before sponsoring groups make an appointment to speak with someone in the Office of Institutional Advancement about fundraising needs and plans, sponsoring groups should develop a current fundraising plan and budget.
  • TAX DEDUCTIONS: Donors that require a donation receipt should speak with the Office of Institutional Advancement to discuss options. If donors specify their giving, contributions may be made to Drury University and designated to the sponsoring group.

Violators of this policy will be subject to sanctions ranging from official letters of warning and reprimand to university disciplinary suspension, according to the severity of the offense.