Communication News, Notes & Awards

  • Mykesha Jackson was selected as a Fellow in the African American Literatures & Cultures Institute, University of Texas San Antonio for Summer 2013.
  • Amber Perdue honored as one of the most promising minority students in the U.S.

  • Rebecca Anderson creates website to profile restaurants and shops in the Springfield community.

  • Amanda Combs earns prestigious Vance and Betty Lee Stickell Advertising Internship in 2012

  • Dr. Jonathan Groves, 2012-13 Theme Year Director, has developed a speaker series that explores how media and technology are changing the way we communicate and interact. Programs in the Voices Unbound series are free and open to the public.

  • Dr. Jonathan Groves received a top paper award at the International Symposium on Online Journalism for the paper "40 Million Page Views is Not Enough: An Examination of the Christian Science Monitor's Evolution from SEO to Engagement."

  • Drs. Curt and Cristina Gilstrap published “Communicated Tensions in U.S. Ecopreneurs Personal Stories: Metaphors, Stakeholders and Leadership” as a chapter in Environmental Leadership: A Reference Handbook by Deborah Rigling Gallagher (editor).

  • Dr. Regina Waters received a President’s Award for Community Engagement for her role in launching Drury’s Smart Mob, a group that tackles a pressing community need. Their first mission was to assist with the Extreme Home Makeover project in the aftermath of the Joplin tornado.

  • Brian Shipman hosts the annual VidCon event, a competition and educational conference for high school students and their teachers from schools across the Midwest. More than 300 students and faculty participated in the Fall 2012 event. Details for the November 2013 event will be released in September.

Communication Student Research

  • Christa Scott’s paper, "Stop at Nothing: An Ethical Examination of Kony 2012 using the Elaboration Likelihood Model" was selected for presentation at the 2013 Central States Communication Association (CSCA) President’s Undergraduate Honors Research Conference (UHRC).

MCMA (Missouri College Media Association) Awards, Division 3, Spring 2013

  • Alexis Dutt - Rose O'Neill House story, First Place - News Writing
  • Yelena Bosovik - The Untold Story editorial, First place - Editorial Writing
  •, First Place - Best Website
  • Kevin Abernathy, Second Place  - Sports Writing
  • Kevin Abernathy - University Rankings,  Second Place  - Sports Page Design
  • Christa Scott - 6 Places Where You Can Save, Second Place  - Feature Page Design
  • Christa Scott - Christmas Tree, Second Place  - Story Illustration
  • Election 2012 Special Edition, Second Place  - Special Publication
  • Caleb Zimmerschied – Enron, Third Place - Entertainment Review
  • Christa Scott - SGA Information graphic, Third Place - Information Graphic
  • Kevin Abernathy - Drury runs rival SBU out of Town, Third Place - Sports Page Design
  • Sweepstakes, Third Place
  • Chelsea Mulkey - Straight for Equality, Honorable Mention - News Writing
  • Entertainment Review - Annie at the Springfield Little Theater, Honorable Mention
  • Jessie Tasetano - Ice hockey photo, Honorable Mention - Best News Photo
  • Christa Scott - Summer Fun, Honorable Mention - Story Illustration
  • Best Overall Newspaper, Honorable Mention

Communication Department Awards


  • Christa Scott, Outstanding Portfolio/Signature Project
  • Cathy Robinson, Outstanding Sophomore
  • Natasha Sanford, Outstanding Junior
  • Amanda Combs, Outstanding Advertising/Public Relations Major
  • Taylor Curtis, Outstanding Communication Studies Major
  • Kaitlyn Schwers, Outstanding Multimedia Production & Journalism Major


  • Claire Chrisman, Outstanding Advertising and Public Relations Major
  • Cecily Robertson, Outstanding Advertising Major and Copywriter
  • Jaclyn Cantrell, Outstanding Communication Studies Major

Communication Student Research

The following students' research was accepted for presentation at the 2012 Central States Communication Association President's Undergraduate Honors Research Conference, to be held March 30-31, 2012 in Cleveland.

Research Panel Presentations

Jackie Cantrell and Allyson Strickland - Sex, Babies and Housework: Attributions of Sexist Joking in Cross-Sex Friendships.

Alyssa Baker, Elizabeth Barmeier, and Christa Scott - The Maverick, the Old Man, the Changer and the Obnoxious One: The Framing of the 2008 Party Candidates on Saturday Night Live.

Jackie Cantrell - Perceptions and Crisis: Media Framing in the 2011 Revolt in Egypt.

Poster Session Presentations

Michelle Everett, Holly Plunkett, Molly Riddle, and Cecily Robertson - It’s Not Like I’m Drunk: The Use of Pathos in Anti-Drunk Driving Campaigns.

Allyson Strickland - "Outsmart Mother Nature": An Examination of Tampax Advertising Using Passing Theory.

Christa Scott - Ageism in Television Programming: An Examination of TV Land’s Hot in Cleveland.

MCMA (Missouri College Media Association) Awards, Division 3, Spring 2012

  • Matt Stacks, Sports Editor, First Place Sports Page Design
  • Caleb Zimmerschied, Staff Writer, Honorable Mention-News Story
  • Kaitlyn Schwers, News Editor, Honorable Mention, In-Depth Reporting
  • Yelena Bosovik, Editor-in-Chief, Honorable Mention, Investigative Reporting
  • Emily Johnson, Life Editor, Honorable Mention, Entertainment Review
  • Yelena Bosovik, Editor-in-Chief, Honorable Mention, Information Graphics
  • The Mirror, Second Place-Best Overall Newspaper
  • The Mirror, Second Place-Web Page
  • The Mirror, Honorable Mention-Page One Design

2010-2011 Communication Department Awards

  • Lauren Ormsby, Outstanding Advertising Student
  • Bobby Hearn, Outstanding Integrated Media Student
  • Liz Jones, Outstanding Speech Communication Student
  • Ellen Ennes, Outstanding Public Relations Student
  • Bobby Hearn, Outstanding Senior Portfolio
  • John Miller, Special Award: Outstanding Contribution to Student Media
  • Katya Lyukina, Outstanding Achievement in Professional Development

MBEA (Missouri Broadcast Educators Association) Awards, Spring 2011

  • John Miller, First Place Radio Play-by-Play
  • Bobby Hearn, First Place Documentary (15:00)
  • Bobby Hearn, First Place Sports Package (5:00)
  • Chris Beckman, First Place (Tie with MSU) Short Film (59 minutes or less)
  • Jim Rea, Honorable Mention Film (Over 59 minutes)
  • Bobby Hearn, Honorable Mention Sports Show
  • Chenxing Zhang, Honorable Mention Special Program

MCMA (Missouri College Media Association) Awards, Spring 2011

  • Christa Scott, First Place Feature Photo
  • Christa Scott, First Place Advertisement
  • Matthew Frierdich and Greta Brown, First Place Investigative Reporting
  • The Mirror (fall fashion feature), First Place Photo Page
  • Kaitlyn McConnell, Second Place Feature Story
  • The Mirror, Second Place Sports Page
  • Brian Richardson, Second Place News Photo
  • Kaitlyn McConnell, Second Place Editorial Writing
  • The Mirror (Back-to-School Tabloid), Second Place Special Section
  • Josh Hall, Second Place Sports Writing
  • Josh Hall, Second Place Sports Column
  • Andrea Gill and Jonathan Thomas, Photo Page
  • Andrea Gill, Third PlaceNews Photo
  • The Mirror, Third PlaceNews Section
  • The Mirror, Honorable Mention News Section

2009-2010 Communication Department Awards

  • Andrea Cramer, Outstanding Public Relations/Advertising Student
  • Brenda Noland, Outstanding Integrated Media Student
  • David Maxson, Outstanding Speech Communication Student
  • Brenda Noland, Outstanding Senior Portfolio
  • Mallory Noelke, Outstanding Communication Student
  • Chris Beckman, Filmmaking Excellence

The following students have presented or will present their work at professional conferences in recent years. Presenting undergraduate research from communication courses is an important element of the undergraduate experience. We are especially proud of students who take the next step to revise, submit, and present their research in regional and national venues.

Maxson, D. (2010, April). Echoes of environmentalism: Reverb’s identification strategies for greening rock ‘n’ roll. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Southern States Communication Association, Memphis, TN.

Borg, J., Lyons, B., & Robison, A. (2009, April). A new look for an old fuel: Strategies of the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity to reduce cognitive dissonance. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Central States Communication Association, St. Louis, MO. Kingsland, K.,

Kurauchi, R., & Ladd, A. (2009, April). Smoke and Croak: Examining the Grim Realities anti-smoking campaign using Aristotle’s emotions. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Central States Communication Association, St. Louis, MO.

Woodson, J. (2009, April). Here’s why you’re wrong: Buber’s “I-It”/”I-Thou” perspective and the 2008 democratic primary debates. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Central States Communication Association, St. Louis, MO.

Burch, S. (2009). Leaving the bunk bed: An examination of dialectics siblings face when leaving for college. Paper accepted for presentation at the annual meeting of the Central States Communication Association, St. Louis, MO.

Hearn, R., & Snider, S. (2009). Picture this: Rolling Stone’s visual framing of political candidates during the 2008 democratic primary. Paper accepted for presentation at the annual meeting of the Central States Communication Association, St. Louis, MO.

MBEA (Missouri Broadcast Educators Association) Award Winners, Spring 2010

  • Jared Hall, First Place Music Video
  • Charles Yeager, First Place Video - PSA
  • Bobby Hearn, First Place Video - Documentary
  • Bobby Hearn, First Place Video - Sports Package
  • Bobby Hearn, First Place Video - News/Package
  • Bobby Hearn, First Place Video - Sports
  • John Miller, First Place Video - Sports
  • DUTV Staff, First Place Video - Episodic TV
  • Naru Narayanan, First Place Script – Documentary
  • Chris Beckman, First Place Multimedia – Computer Animation
  • John Miller, First Place Audio - Play by Play
  • John Miller, Honorable Mention Video - Sports Package
  • Sophie Parker, Honorable Mention Video - Commercial

2008-2009 Communication Department Awards

  • Mallorie Rodak, Outstanding Advertising Student
  • Logan Hoffman, Outstanding Integrated Media Student
  • Casey Wormington, Outstanding Public Relations Student
  • Rachel Hubner, Outstanding Speech Communication Student
  • Jon Woodson, Outstanding Speech Communication Student
  • Logan Hoffman, Outstanding Senior Portfolio
  • Rachel Hubner, Speech Communication Senior Portfolio Honorable Mention
  • Emily Todd, Public Relations Senior Portfolio Honorable Mention
  • Emily Manck, Advertising Senior Portfolio Honorable Mention

Communication Student Research

Ahern, K., Cramer, A., Garro, E., Hubner, R., & Lyukina, K. (2008, April). Vanity not-so-Fair: An analysis of the coverage of the 2004 presidential election. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Central States Communication Association, Madison, WI.

Daily, K., Gerstner, A., Quinn, S., & Ratliff, J. (2008, April). Swift Boat wants your vote: The rhetorical analysis of Swift Boat Veterans for Truth advertising campaign. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Central States Communication Association, Madison, WI.

2007-2008 Communication Department Awards

  • Leanna Geosling, Outstanding Advertising Student
  • Erin Swanson, Outstanding Integrated Media Student
  • Ashley Small, Outstanding Public Relations Student
  • Brandy Enver, Outstanding Speech Communication Student
  • Sarah Duvall, Outstanding Senior Portfolio

Communication Student Research

Beggs, B., Duvall, S., Hornick, A., & Kenolova, R. (2006, April). Don't let BP fuel you: Strategies used in the BP on the Street campaign to reduce cognitive dissonance. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Central States Communication Association, Indianapolis, IN.

2006-2007 Communication Department Awards

  • Cyndi Nutter, Outstanding Advertising Student
  • Mallory McGowin, Outstanding Integrated Media Student
  • Angela Wever, Outstanding Public Relations Student
  • Brandy Gordon, Outstanding Speech Communication Student
  • Jessica Strange, Outstanding Senior Portfolio
  • Cyndi Nutter, Senior Portfolio Honorable Mention
  • Chelsea Begley, Senior Portfolio Honorable Mention

2005-2006 Communication Department Awards

  • Audrey Campbell, Outstanding Advertising Student
  • Rachel Dapp, Outstanding Integrated Media Student
  • Rachel Ellis, Outstanding Public Relations Student
  • Shannon Huett, Outstanding Speech Communication Student
  • Christy Wichlinski, Outstanding Senior Portfolio

2004-2005 Communication Department Awards

  • Cody Meyer, Outstanding Achievement in Advertising
  • Darcy Cummins, Outstanding Achievement in Advertising
  • Ryan Bowling, Outstanding Achievement in Journalism
  • Kimberly Pratt, Outstanding Achievement in Public Relations
  • Whitney Gent, Outstanding Achievement in Speech Communication
  • Reneta Kenolova, Department of Communication Excellence in Scholarship and Service

2003-2004 Communication Department Awards

  • Courtney Staley, Outstanding Achievement in Advertising
  • Brett Johnston, Outstanding Achievement in Broadcast
  • Jonathan Kocan, Outstanding Achievement in Journalism
  • Nicole Lierheimer, Outstanding Achievement in Public Relations
  • Jason Swadley, Outstanding Achievement in Speech Communication
  • Alec Arnold, Department of Communication Excellence in Scholarship and Service

2002-2003 Communication Department Awards

  • Julie Evans, Outstanding Advertising Student
  • Jonathan San Paolo, Outstanding Broadcast Student
  • Sonja Kerr, Outstanding Journalism Student
  • Heather Davis, Outstanding Public Relations Student
  • Laura Feuerbacher, Outstanding Speech Communication Student
  • Carrie DeLaquil, Outstanding Communication Student

2001-2002 Communication Department Awards

  • Marisa Gail Clary, Communication Faculty Appreciation Award
  • Shelbey Brooke Stewart, Outstanding Advertising Student
  • Robyn Elizabeth Woods, Outstanding Broadcast Student
  • Matthew Curtis Lemmon, Outstanding Journalism Student
  • Kristen Lynne Wiles, Outstanding Public Relations Student
  • Dionne Marie Beaty, Outstanding Communication Student

2000-2001 Communication Department Awards

  • Lauren Mosley, Outstanding Speech Communication Student
  • Nathan Pettyjohn, Outstanding Advertising Student
  • Autumn Kost, Outstanding Broadcast Student
  • Crissy Kaesebier, Outstanding Public Relations Student
  • Carolyn Cole, Outstanding Journalism Student

1999-2000 Communication Department Awards

  • James E. Staley, Outstanding Communication Student
  • Nathaniel B. Hagemann, Outstanding Advertising Student
  • Michael G. Sedlak, Outstanding Broadcast Student
  • Kathy A. Blumfelder, Outstanding Public Relations Student
  • Whitney S. Carr, Outstanding Journalism Student

1998-1999 Communication Department Awards

  • Dallas Jones, Outstanding Advertising Student
  • Kathy Powell, Outstanding Broadcast Student
  • Frank Romines, Outstanding Journalism Student
  • Emily Albrecht, Outstanding Public Relations Student
  • Jennifer Wiles, Outstanding Speech Communication Student

1997-1998 Communication Department Awards

  • Jana Letterman, Outstanding Public Relations Student
  • Jennifer Wiles, Outstanding Broadcast Student
  • Jennifer Rowlinson, Outstanding Student Journalist Award
  • Carrie Stokes, Outstanding Speech Communication Student Award