Social Media Certification Program

Drury University offers seated classes as a means of providing training using best practices, texts, and research compiled in new media communications. Students who successfully complete Drury’s social media graduate course will receive 3 hours of graduate credit that is transferable to accredited universities accepting social media courses within their degree offerings.  Drury's Social Media Certificate provides strategic entrepreneurial, PR and brand marketing clarity in terms of designing and piloting social media campaigns. Our SMC program goes well beyond the singular dimension of a weekend webinar by providing media use management skills, research groups, and a guaranteed portfolio for practitioners with profit and nonprofit  deliverables, as well as skill sets for adapting to the continuing evolution of integrated media experiences.

Drury is proud to offer one of the very few Social Media Certificates nation-wide.  

About the Course: The SMC features a bootcamp for connecting social-media technologies in a cohesive Web presence. The course is discussion-oriented, with hands-on exercises and a variety of readings from the latest research regarding social media and the Web.

By the end of the course, students will have a working knowledge of social media and social networking technology so that managers and practitioners alike can recognize the business, media, marketing, PR and social opportunities in these online spaces. 

Cost of the program is $1,800 and may be paid in installments.

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Tentative Outline (Summer 2013):

Day 1 (Orientation):

  • Setting up a basic presence with Wordpress, Facebook, and Twitter.

Day 2 (Content):

  • Audience/competitive analysis
  • Online storytelling (using YouTube, SoundCloud and other multimedia communities)
  • Responsive design
  • Understanding media usage
  • The power of images

Day 3 (Building Connections):

  • SEO and the power of search
  • Expanding the social-media ripple (Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit, Google+)
  • Communication contexts
  • Cultural analysis

Day 4 (Listening)

  • Measuring engagement (Google Analytics, Wordpress stats)
  • Listening tools
  • Choosing key performance indicators
  • Managing comments

Day 5 (Building Community):

  • User-generated content
  • Wikis
  • Collaborative communities
  • Culture creation/development

Day 6 (Presentations/Evaluation)

We will understand Web 2.0 and look ahead to what Web 3.0 is already providing for us.  

For more information contact Dr. Jonathan Groves, Director at 417.873.7347 or

You can also secure your seat in this limited course by contacting Kerry Elam in our Graduate Office:  873.7530  or

Jonathan Groves, Ph.D.
Director, Social Media Certificate
Drury University