Scott Petrich
Department Chair of Chemistry
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Office: (417) 873-7566

American Chemical Society

Student Affiliate Chapter

The Hoffman Department of Chemistry has a very active student affiliate chapter of the American Chemical Society.

The student chapter provides plenty of opportunities for its members. Our members are encouraged to form their own initiatives thus each one of us can develop his or her leadership skills. Our core mission is 'making a difference.'

Our regular activities include magic shows for elementary school children. We believe that fascinated and intrigued children are likely to pursue higher ends.

We keep ourselves informed and up to date: We invite speakers, provide internship info, graduate school info, relevant chemistry web links, info about students, officers, faculty sponsors and more.

Members can present their research work in national ACS meetings, and get priceless insights into the professional world of chemistry. Speakers from all over the world report new findings in medicinal chemistry, biochemistry, physical chemistry, and more. A national meeting is also a chance to explore a U.S metropolitan.

The society is designed for undergraduate students seeking a degree in chemistry or chemical engineering.