CCPS Student Spotlight: Sean Zeiger

Spring 2011 Graduate

Drury University graduated 635 students in May 2011 with 389 of those coming from the College of Continuing Professional Studies. One of those students was Sean Zeiger, who graduated with a B.S. in Biology and Environmental Science. Sean has been accepted to a graduate program at the University of Missouri-Columbia where he will continue his education. We asked Sean to tell us about his experience at Drury and where he's headed next.

  1. What are the degree programs you are graduating from Drury CCPS with?

    I received my Bachelors of Science in Biology and Environmental Science.

  2. Did you complete all of your coursework through Drury CCPS?

    First, I received my A.A. in general studies at OTC. Those credits transferred to Drury. It took me 2 years to complete my B.S. in Biology with that A.A. degree in hand.

  3. How was your overall learning experience here at Drury and with CCPS in particular? Did the convenience and variety of class formats help you achieve your goals?

    Overall it was a big success! I got to sit down one on one with the same academic advisor Sarah Thornton at any time and discuss my direction. She was friendly, and always excited about helping me plan my educational career path. Online classes are great if you have a long commute. The science lab there was built fairly recently, so it is a nice facility for research. I did most of my research there with Mr. Shepard. I also did a small amount of research with Dr. Ojakangas. The experience acquired from working closely with faculty on a one on one basis was an invaluable opportunity.

  4. You were accepted into the Forestry Graduate Program at the University of Missouri- Columbia. Can you tell me more about that program?

    That is a good question. Here is a link to the Forestry Graduate Program at M.U.

  5. What is your current job and where do you hope your educational endeavors will lead you? What is the career path that you are on?

    My current job has been making sure that I get 6 A's in the classes that I am in enrolled in this semester. I don't have time for work beyond that. I will be a research assistant as required for my graduate degree starting in August. I hope to one day attain employment through a federal agency doing applicable research to address our nation's problems with water quality.

  6. Do you have any plans to go for your doctorate degree?

    It's really not up to me. My research advisor will assess my progress toward the end of my M.S. If I am doing well then we will consider attempting the PhD. If advised to, I will pursue the PhD.

Congratulations Sean and good luck on your future at MU!!!!!!