CCPS Student Spotlight: Anna Kaley

A native of Licking, Mo., Anna Kaley recalls a time in 2008 when she knew she was ready for a change. She wanted to go back to school and earn a degree that would enable her to make a difference in her community. Kaley readily admits that she was a little overwhelmed at the thought of returning to school.

“I hadn’t been in school since 1987, and believe me, the classroom has changed,” said Kaley. “The campus director and the instructors were very helpful as I acclimated to the new learning environment.”

Now in her fourth year, Kaley has come a long way. She regularly interfaces with Blackboard, an online learning management system used by Drury faculty, and she actually prefers Drury’s online courses.

“Because I currently work two jobs, the online classes work really well with my schedule,” said Kaley.

Looking ahead to graduation in 2013, Kaley is interested in pursuing a career in the field of economic development. While writing a paper for one of her classes, Kaley met Ron Reed, the economic developer for the city of Houston, Mo. This year, Kaley interviewed with Reed and secured an internship.

“It is through my internship that I have realized what career I want to pursue after I graduate,” said Kaley. “I love what I do, and I can give back to the community.”

“I always tell people that you’ll never go wrong with furthering your education. Drury has been one of the most positive aspects of my life,” said Kaley. “It has opened doors and given me opportunities that I would not have otherwise had.”