CCPS Library Science Course Descriptions

LIBR 211: Information Research Skills
LIBR 364: History of the Printed Book
LIBR 290, LIBR 390, LIBR 490: A-Z Selected Topics

LIBR 211: Information Research Skills. 1 hour.
An introduction to strategies for defining information needs, understanding principles of information organization and retrieval, identifying appropriate library and non-library resources, evaluating information and using it ethically and legally. Knowledge and skills acquired apply to research for classroom purposes and for personal needs. Required for all bachelor degrees.

LIBR 364: History of the Printed Book. 3 hours.
An introduction to printing history and the history of the book. This course examines the development of printing, including the development of allied arts such as type-cutting and casing, papermaking, bookbinding and illustration. It also seeks to study the cultural contexts of printing and the book, with special emphasis on the rise of a reading public. Students will examine and handle examples from the library's rare book collection. Same as ARTH 364. (Meets Artifacts of Western Culture) 

LIBR 290, LIBR 390, LIBR 490: A-Z Selected Topics. 1-3 hours.