CCPS General Studies Course Descriptions

100 Level Courses:
GSTU 100: Introduction to Hardware
GSTU 101: Introduction to Computers and Software
GSTU 102: Introduction to the Internet
GSTU 103: Introduction to Access
GSTU 104: Introduction to Web Page Development
GSTU 105: Digital Cameras and Scanner

200 Level Courses:
GSTU 201: Excel - Beyond the Basics
GSTU 202: Word - Beyond the Basics
GSTU 203: Intermediate Power Point
GSTU 204: Photoshop
GSTU 205: Digital Video Editing
GSTU 210: Desktop Applications

400 Level Courses:
GSTU 493: Senior Seminar

GSTU 100: Introduction to Hardware. 1-2 hours.
This hands-on class introduces computer hardware components and their function. After this class, students should be able to troubleshoot hardware problems, replace faulty computer components in a computer, and install new hardware. Students will disassemble and assemble computers and troubleshoot in labs. No previous experience is required for this class.

GSTU 101: Introduction to Computers and Software. 1-2 hours.
This course is designed to develop basic computer skills that will enable students to complete a range of everyday tasks. This course will cover the basic functions/operations of the computer; exploration of application software; operating systems; navigating the computer; how to open, create, and save files; how to organize information; and computer security.

GSTU 102: Introduction to the Internet. 1-2 hours.
Course designed to give participants a grand tour of the super highway. Buckle your seat belts and you will learn about how to bookmark sites, taking those bookmarks from one computer to another. You will probably find yourself on the net, as well as thousands of recipes. Learn to find your family tree and grow into the web surfer and search like you always wanted to do.

GSTU 103: Introduction to Access. 1-2 hours.
This course is designed to introduce students to basic skills of Access and the uses of databases. This course will cover basics of Access: designing and creating a database, modifying database structure, create and enter records into a form, analyze tables and create reports.

GSTU 104: Introduction to Web Page Development. 1-2 hours.
Course designed to teach the student how to make a basic webpage. Using freeware and other software the student will discover how to make a dynamic webpage. The student will discover the main elements of a webpage. No HTML knowledge is required.

GSTU 105: Digital Cameras and Scanner. 1-2 hours.
Course designed to introduce the basics of digital cameras, scanning pictures and utilizing free software to manipulate graphics or images. Prerequisite: basic computer skills.

GSTU 201: Excel - Beyond the Basics. 1-2 hours.
Intermediate course designed to enhance and expand basic skills using Microsoft Excel. Prerequisite: LIBR 211, or knowledge of creating spreadsheets using basic formatting skills in Excel and inserting basic formulas.

GSTU 202: Word - Beyond the Basics. 1-2 hours.
This course is designed to enhance and expand basic skills using Microsoft Word. Covered in this course: formatting research papers, resumes, and other professional documents, formatting using MLA or APA templates, tables and charts, using outlines, headers, footers, page numbers, etc. Prerequisite: LIBR 211.

GSTU 203: Intermediate Power Point. 1-2 hours.
This course is designed to show you how to make Dynamic Power Punched presentations. See how to add movies, music, and hyperlinks to your presentation. In this class, students will learn how to use the notes feature as well as saving the presentation to a webpage. Learn about presentation etiquette and techniques.

GSTU 204: Photoshop. 1-2 hours.
This class instructs the student in the basics of Photoshop, the powerful industry standard digital image editing tool. Students learn to use the tools in Photoshop: layers, filters, and techniques for fixing and enhancing photos. Students should have a basic knowledge of computer applications in order to take this class.

GSTU 205: Digital Video Editing. 1-2 hours.
Students learn to use a variety of digital editing tools to digitize video, edit video, incorporate digital photos or scanned photos in videos, use transitions, incorporate sound from various sources, make use of special effects, and place titles in videos. Enhance and excite your personal home movies.

GSTU 210: Desktop Applications. 3 hours.
Knowledge of computer applications is an essential skills requirement for anyone working in the public or private, profit or not-for-profit sectors. This course introduces the student to word processing, spreadsheet preparation, database design, and multimedia presentations. The Windows operating system and the use of internet/intranet/extranet operations for workplace efficiency are also treated. Students should be familiar with the basic concepts of computers including files, keyboards, printers, and the Internet.

GSTU 493: Senior Seminar. 3 hours.
This course helps students relate their primary field of interest (mathematics and science, humanities and fine arts, or social sciences) to various world cultures. Students will become familiar with specific cultures by examining the literature, ethics, the arts, history, way of life and technology of the culture. Students will exit the class with a greater understanding of the world around them and their role in it. Students registering for this capstone class for the Bachelor of General Studies degree must have senior status with 90 or more earned college hours. Prerequisite: LIBR 211.