Bachelor of Science in History Curriculum

In addition to the general education requirements, the history major requires 33 hours of coursework in the following distribution:

Required Courses (15 hours):
HIST 101: Survey of United States History I
HIST 102: Survey of United States History II
HIST 103: Western Civilization I (to 1550 C.E.)
HIST 104: Western Civilization II (1550 C.E. - Present)
HIST 493: Senior Seminar

Choose two course from European History (6 hours):
HIST 220: Ancient Civilizations
HIST 223: Medieval Civilization
HIST 225: Renaissance and Reformation History
HIST 245: Europe in the Twentieth Century
HIST 282: History of Witch Hunts
HIST 321: Women in European History

Choose two course from American History (6 hours):
HIST 302: U.S. Foreign Policy
HIST 323: History of Women in America
HIST 330: The American Civil War
HIST 332: The Lewis and Clark Expedition
HIST 335: History of American Fourtier
HIST 350: African-American History

Choose two courses from World History (6 hours):
HIST 251: Slavery in Human History
HIST 334: Russia and Eurasia
HIST 344: History of Modern Africa
HIST 345: Modern Asia
HIST 360: Islam and Politics in the Modern Middle East
HIST 375: Arab-Israeli Conflict
HIST 385: Cold War Conflicts in the Developing World

Majors should complete the introductory courses in their first two years. For instance, majors should complete HIST 101 Survey of United States History I and HIST 102 Survey Survey of United States History II before enrolling in HIST 350 African-American History; and HIST 103 Western Civilization I before enrolling in HIST 282 History of Witch Hunts. Majors should complete all required introductory courses and at least four upper-level classes by the end of their junior year. Most coursework should be finished before students enroll in HIST 493 Capstone Research Seminar.