Associate of Science in Environmental Policy & Regulation Program

Associate of Science in Environmental Policy & Regulation Program

The College of Continuing Professional Studies offers an associate of science in environmental policy & regulation. Courses are designed to provide a basis for understanding the science of environmental policy & regulation. The program examines such topics as forests, lake and watershed management, wetlands, toxicology, hazardous waste compliance, and air pollution.

Associate of Science in Environmental Policy & Regulation Curriculum

In addition to general education requirements, students pursuing the associate of science degree in environmental management are required to complete the following 24 hours of coursework:

BIOL 102: General Biology (3 hours)
BIOL 200: Ecology (3 hours)
ENVR 313: Resource Management (3 hours)
ENVR 315: Environmental Laws and Regulations (3 hours)
ENVR 316: Environmental Compliance (3 hours)
ENVR 321: Hazardous Materials (3 hours)
ENVR 375: Environmental Management (3 hours)

Students are strongly encouraged to include business administration, environmental science, and/or science electives in their free elective hours. Student must take the following courses as a part of the general education requirements:

ENGL 220: Business Communication and Writing (3 hours)
ENVR 220: Introduction to Environmental Issues (3 hours)
MATH 109: College Algebra (3 hours)
MATH 227: Introduction to Statistics (3 hours)
CHEM 103: Fundamentals of Chemistry (3 hours)

Choose one of the following:
LDST 101: Foundation of Organizational Leadership (3 hours)
MGMT 103: Business Foundations(3 hours)