About the CCPS Biology Program

The College of Continuing Professional Studies offers a bachelors of science in biology . The biology major is designed to provide a broad cultural education and prepare students for graduate studies, the teaching profession, medical and allied health professions and positions in resource management, environmental science and research.

Biology Major Curriculum

In addition to the general education requirements, the biology major requires 35-39 hours of coursework in the following distribution:

Required Courses (23 hours):
BIOL 101: Exploring Molecular Biology (3 hours)
BIOL 102: General Biology (4 hours)
BIOL 107: Mechanisms of Gen. Inheritance (3 hours)
BIOL 107L: Mech. of Gen. Inheritance Lab (1 hours)
BIOL 108: Evolution (2 hours)
BIOL 200: Ecology (3 hours)
BIOL 200L: Ecology Lab (1 hours)
BIOL 201: Biodiversity (3 hours)
BIOL 489: Senior Seminar (3 hours)

Students also must choose four biology courses of three or more hours each (for 12-16 hours). These must include two classes in the 300 or 400 level excluding BIOL 347, BIOL 356, and BIOL 370 (12-16 hours)