Drury and the Breech School a tradition for the Creach family

By: Kaitlyn Schwers

Drury serves as a family tradition to the Creach family. They come for similar reasons: to study at the Breech School of Business, to play sports, or they come because they grew up watching their family members go there. Both immediate and extended family members have been through the campus at some point in their lives, filling roles as students, athletes, staff members, instructors, and trustees.

The university connects the family, Brent Creach says. Brent, a 2000 graduate, became familiar with Drury thanks to his parents, David and Julie Creach. His father studied business and played basketball at Drury. David met Julie, a Drury cheerleader studying math and education. When their time at school ended, attending Drury basketball games became a habit—and still is.

“Both of my parents went [to Drury], I had been going to basketball games and camps all my life as well, so I was very familiar with the school,” Brent explains. “Additionally, at that time, I had a desire to stay relatively close to home.  Drury allowed me to be close to home while also giving me more freedom as I lived on campus.”  

While athletics helped introduce Creach family members to Drury, academics pulled them as well. Some Creach family members specialize in teaching and numbers, but most of them found themselves in the Breech business building. Molly (Creach) Terry majored in math and education like her mother, Julie, but she recalls both of her older brothers, Brent and Tyler, choosing business as a career path, like their father, David.

“As for the Breech School of Business, I think my brothers saw how well the school prepared our father for a career after college. He is a very successful insurance salesman and businessman. I think that is partly why my brothers chose to follow him at Breech,” Molly explains. “As for me, I always knew I wanted to be a teacher. I love numbers and math, but I knew I wanted to coach sports too.”

Brent studied business administration and went on to receive his Masters of Business Administration in 2002. Tyler came to Drury shortly after Brent, receiving his undergraduate degree in 2005 in accounting and MBA in 2007.

“Drury was and is known for being a well-respected school, especially in the business field,” Brent adds. “Once I completed my undergraduate degree and began working, it was a relatively easy decision to continue on and get my MBA.”

Tyler explains, “I wasn’t sure what I wanted to major in when I started at Drury, so my freshmen year I took ‘Introduction to Business’ with Mr. Allen Foltz and really enjoyed it. The following semester I took ‘Principles of Accounting’ with Dr. Penny Clayton and felt I was a natural at accounting.  Dr. Clayton agreed and said I needed to be an accounting major so I went with it and never looked back.” 

Also like their father, the three siblings received more than just an education at Drury; they also found their current spouses. Tyler tells the story of finding his wife, Krystal, when he participated in Students in Free Enterprise (now called Enactus) and traveled for competition. 

“The trip to Canada was when I first met Krystal. We ended up going on another trip together to Tahlequah, Oklahoma for a SIFE project and that trip is where we really hit it off.  I asked her out when we got back from that trip and we’ve been together ever since,” he says.

Krystal also majored in accounting. The two became engaged after college, and they stayed near to the campus.

“Tyler and I took our engagement pictures on the Drury campus and were married in Stone Chapel with Dr. Peter Browning performing the wedding,” Krystal adds.

The Creach family remains close to the university—through athletic attendance and alumni events. Those who live in Springfield, like Tyler, often find themselves back at Drury and Breech. In the past few years, Tyler has taught ‘Principles of Accounting’ and has volunteered for the MBA mentor program, which has allowed him to give advice to current students.

“Go to class and pay attention.  I firmly believe that Breech has some of the best professors in the world and if students will simply make sure they show up to every class and pay attention to what the professor is saying, they will learn a lot,” Tyler reiterates. “Never skip a class, pay attention, and do your homework and you will graduate with a very good understanding of business.”

Besides professional advice, the Creach family members also share personal lessons learned. Brent says students should sit back and live in the moment when they can.

“Enjoy your time in college! I know I was told this when I was there, but it's too easy to ‘look forward.’  Early on, you are looking forward to getting the first year completed.  Then you are looking forward to being older and having better choices of classes and living arrangements. Then you are a senior and looking forward to job interviews and starting to make money.  Even though most college kids are completely broke, the money can wait. I look back now and think the combination of high school and college were the most enjoyable eight years of my life.”

What they are up to now:

  • David Creach, father of three, Agent at State Farm in Springfield, Mo.
  • Julie Creach, mother of three, teacher at Logan-Rogersville teacher in Rogersville, Mo.
  • Brent Creach, son of David and Julie, former banker with Commerce Bank in St. Louis, Mo., current stay-at-home father
  • Kim (Kocian) Creach, daughter-in-law of David and Julie, physician at Mercy Hospital in Springfield, Mo.
  • Tyler Creach, son of David and Julie, Senior Accountant with KPM CPAs in Springfield, Mo.
  • Krystal (Prather) Creach, daughter-in-law of David and Julie Creach, manager with BKD in Springfield, Mo.
  • Molly (Creach) Terry, daughter of David and Julie, former Logan-Rogersville and Hollister teacher, current stay-at-home mother in Fordland, Mo.
  • Jared Terry, son-in-law of David and Julie Creach, elementary principal at Norwood Elementary School in Norwood, Mo.