Art History Minor Curriculum

Art History Minor

All prerequisites must be completed prior to enrollment in the following courses.

Core Courses (6 hours):
ARTH 151: History of Art & Architecture I
ARTH 152: History of Art & Architecture II

Choose four the following electives (12 hours):
ARCH 251: History of Architecture, Urbanism and Art I
ARCH 252: History of Architecture, Urbanism and Art II
ARCH 356: History of Modern Architecture
ARTH 300: Prehistoric Artifacts and Culture
ARTH 305: Ancient Art and Architecture
ARTH 310: Medieval Art and Architecture
ARTH 315: Renaissance Art and Architecture
ARTH 316: Venice and the Veneto
ARTH 320: Baroque Art and Architecture
ARTH 350: Modern Art
ARTH 356: Contemporary Art
ARTH 360: History of Photography
ARTH 362: History of Museums and Collecting
ARTH 364: The Printed Book as Art and Artifact, 1450 to 1850
ARTH 370: Asian Art and Architecture
ARTH 371: Early Islamic Art and Architecture
ARTH 373: Indigenous Arts and Cultures
ARTH 380: Field Studies: Art History
ARTH 395: Historiography
ARTH 410: The Medieval Architect: Practice and Product
ARTH 411: Medieval Women: Image, Text, Experience
ARTH 290, 390, 490: Selected Topics

Courses used as electives for one art or art history major or minor may not also satisfy requirements for another art or art history major or minor.

Students are required to complete a "Permission to Register for Special Coursework" form to enroll in Research (ARTH 397, 398, 497, 498) or ARTH 495 Capstone Research.