Transferring of Credit

Dual Credit
AP Credit
Transfer Credit
IB Credit

Dual Credit
Drury accepts dual credit courses in transfer when they are presented on official transcripts from other regionally accredited institutions. Grades must be C or better. Drury does not limit the number of credits that can be earned in dual credit programs and treats coursework earned in dual credit programs the same as credits earned on a college or university campus.

Drury University participates in the Computer-Based Examination Program (CLEP). Credit is awarded for completion of CLEP general and subject examinations.

To receive credit, students must complete the general examinations prior to completion of 30 semester hours of university work. The university will not recognize or award CLEP test credits when current or previous coursework overlaps with the subject of the CLEP test(s). Scaled scores that result in six hours credit for each general exam (total possible credits: 30 hours) follow:

English Composition
(with or without essay) A student receiving credit for this exam should not enroll for ENGL 150.
Humanities 50
College Mathematics
A student receiving credit for this exam cannot claim credit for MATH 100 or 101.
Natural Sciences
A student receiving credit for this exam cannot claim credit for BIOL 110, PHYS 100, PHYS 110 or PHYS 111. The test award does not meet a degree requirement.
Social Sciences and History 50

Each student submitting a CLEP score will be notified of credit awarded. No partial credit is awarded.

CLEP subject exams may be completed at any time prior to attaining senior classification if a student has not previously completed a college-level course equal to, or more advanced than, the subject of the examination. Because not all subject exams offered are appropriate to Drury degree programs, an agreement that a subject exam will be undertaken must be made with the concerned department chair and a prior determination made as to how completion of the exam will apply toward degree requirements. Subject exams approved for credit must have a test score equal to or greater than 50.    

Read CLEP disclaimer

AP Credit
Drury University will grant credit for AP Examinations. Students must have an original copy of their score report sent directly to the Office of the Registrar.

Candidates interested in this credit are urged to take the Advanced Placement Tests given by the College Entrance Examination Board in the spring of the senior year. College credit, in addition to advanced placement, may be given if the text scores merit it as determined by the dean and the department chair concerned.

Advanced Placement Course
Score Required
Hours Granted
Institutional Courses Satisfied
American Government/Politics
3 or higher 3 PLSC 101 / Government and Politics in the United States
American History
HIST 101 / Survey of United States History I
HIST 101 & HIST 102 / Survey of United States History I and II
4 or higher 4 BIOL 110 / Fundamentals of Cell Biology
Calculus AB
4 or higher
MATH 231 / Calculus I
BC 3
MATH 231 / Calculus I
4 or higher
MATH 231 & MATH 232 / Calculus I and II
Chemistry 4 or higher 4 CHEM 115 / General Chemistry
Comparative Government/Politics 3 3 PLSC 151 / Introduction to Comparative Politics
Computer Science A
4 or higher
CSCI 251 / Introduction to Computer Science
AB 3
CSCI 251 / Introduction to Computer Science
AB 4 or higher 6 CSCI 251 & CSCI 261 / Intro to Computer Science and Data Structures
European History 3 or higher
HIST 104 / Western Civilization II
World History 4 3 HIST 230 / Modern Europe
4 or higher 6 HIST 107 & 108 / World History to 1500 and World History from 1500
Macroeconomics 3 or higher 3 ECON 211 / Principles of Macroeconomics
Microeconomics 3 or higher 3 ECON 210 / Principles of Microeconomics
English Language and Composition 3 or higher 3 ENGL 150 / Composition
English Literature and Composition 3 or higher 3 Elective only
Environmental Science 3 or higher 3 ENVR 170 / Introduction to Environmental Science
Art History 3 or higher 6 ARTH 151 and 152 / History of Art and Architecture I and II
Studio Art - Drawing 5 3 Elective only
Studio Art - General 3 3 ARTZ 111 / Foundations of Studio and Design
Music Listening and Literature 3 or higher 3 MUSC 115 / Introduction to Music
Music Theory 4 or higher 3 Elective only
French Language 3 or higher 6 FREN 101 and FREN 102 / Elementary French I and II
French Literature 3 or higher 3 Elective only
German Language 3 or higher 6 GERM 101 and GERM 102 / Elementary German I and II
Latin/Virgil 3 or higher 3 **Elective
Latin/Catullus, Horace 3 or higher 3 *Elective
**THESE TWO Latin AP Exams are not equivalent to courses offered at Drury, but either of them can be paired with a 3 or 4 semester hour course in Latin I or II to fulfill the language requirement. Successful completion of both will fulfill the language requirement
Spanish Language 3 or higher 6 SPAN 101 and SPAN 102 / Elementary Spanish I and II
Spanish Literature 3 or higher 3 Elective only
Statistics 4 or higher 3 MATH 227 / Introduction to Statistics
Physics B 3 or higher 4 PHYS 201 / Principles of Physics
Engineering of Physics students must take the calculus based sequence 211 and 212: see Dr. Callen before taking AP Physics B
Physics C - Mechanics 4 or higher 5 PHYS 211 / General Physics I
Physics C - Elec/Magnet 4 or higher 5 PHYS 212 / General Physics II
Physics C tests do not cover all the materials in PHYS 211 and 212 and in some cases the students may be advised to take the college course rather than apply for advanced credit.
Psychology 3 or higher 3 PSYC 101 / Introduction to Psychology
Human Geography 3 or higher 3 Geography elective

IMPORTANT NOTE TO STUDENTS WHO MAY ATTEND MEDICAL SCHOOL OR OTHER GRADUATE STUDY FOLLOWING COMPLETION OF UNDERGRADUATE DEGREE: Advanced Placement Credit, CLEP credit, and dual enrollment credit, although applicable to Drury undergraduate degree programs, may not be acceptable to meet entry requirements into certain graduate programs. As one example, St. Louis University Pre-medical Scholars program requires that all program requirements be completed on the Drury campus and therefore AP testing (CLEP and dual credit) will not suffice for medical school entrance. AP credits will be awarded to a student with adequate test scores, as per university policy. Each student, however, is responsible for determining if the credit will meet entrance requirements for the graduate or professional school of their choice, and for taking the required course work if their graduate or professional program will not accept AP credits in lieu of course work.

Further information may be obtained by consulting the Advanced Placement booklet in the high school counseling office, or by contacting the Director of Admission.

Transfer Credit
Drury welcomes transfer students and has developed admission, scholarship, and transfer credit policies that will ensure students who wish to complete their college careers here have as smooth a transition as possible.
For transfer students with less than 30 college credits completed, selective admission and scholarships are based on high school merit (grade point average and ACT/SAT). For transfers with 30 or more credits, admission and scholarships are based on an evaluation of current college GPA (no ACT/SAT required).
A course-by-course evaluation of each transcript will be made to determine what credits will transfer. Most college level courses from other regionally accredited institutions will transfer to Drury provided that grades are a "C" or better. A transfer evaluation will determine if the courses will meet Drury CORE requirements, requirements for an academic major or elective credits.

IB Credit
Drury University affirms the intellectual rigor of the International Baccalaureate diploma program in distinct and tangible ways. The program's depth and breadth of focus, commitment to serious scholarship, and global perspective mirrors the values central to the mission of Drury University.

In recognition of the challenging character of the IB Diploma program, successful baccalaurate recipients will receive college credit according to the following guidelines.

Diploma Score
Minimum Credit Hours
30 credit hours
25 credit hours
20 credit hours
15 credit hours
10 credit hours

Credit will initially be awarded as elective credit, with specific course equivalents determined in consultation with department chairs and the university registrar. In most cases, a mark of 4 (HL) or 5 (SL) on a subject area test will warrant credit for specific equivalencies. For those not completing the diploma program, credit may still be awarded for satisfactory scores on individual subject tests. A complete list of additional benefits for IB students should be requested from your Drury admission counselor.

To request AP, IB, CLEP, or Dual Credit evaluations please contact:

Kiley Garges
Office of the Registrar
900 North Benton Avenue
Springfield, Missouri 65802
(417) 873-7412