MBA Course Descriptions

The following courses comprise the leadership core common to all MBA degrees at Drury. In addition to these 24 hours of credit, students will complete six hours of elective credit.

MBA 661 Corporate Investment and Valuation. 3 hours.
This course provides in-depth coverage of evaluating corporate investments, using tools of investment analysis and decision making.

MBA 662 Strategic Advantage through Technology and Information. 3 hours.
This course addresses the key strategic implications of technology and information and how to use technology and information to build competitive advantage.

MBA 664 Corporate Responsibility, Leadership and Ethics. 3 hours.
The focus of this course is to conduct business in a responsible and ethical manner and to advance the practice of professional and ethical business leadership.

MBA 671 Strategic Organization and Human Resources Management. 3 hours.
This course provides insight into how to build healthy and effective organizations designed to support a company’s strategic direction, and to recruit, select, train and develop the human resources that such organizations need to thrive and grow.

MBA 672 Measuring and Reporting Financial and Statistical Information. 3 hours.
The focus in this course is to measure financial performance on a variety of important dimensions, to use statistical analysis effectively, and to correctly interpret, evaluate and report complex financial and statistical information.

MBA 673 Economics of Strategy. 3 hours.
This course includes reading the structure and dynamics of competition in industries and markets, and using sound strategic thinking to favorably position a company for competition within a particular industry and strategic peer group.

MBA 674 Understanding and Serving Customers and Markets. 3 hours.
The focus of this course is to understand customer needs and identify customer markets, and how to effectively serve and grow a particular market or markets.

MBA 682 Global Business, New Ventures, and Innovation. 3 hours.
This course effectively assesses business opportunities and potential innovations. Understanding the strategic issues and actions necessary to convert ideas and product developments into successful business ventures in a context of global markets and global competition is also addressed. Note: This class would be taken during the final summer semester of each student’s program, and includes a oneweek mandatory international experience.


MBA 615 Entrepreneurial Development. 3 hours.
This course addresses some of the critical strategic, financial and people issues involved in the launch and early formation of an entrepreneurial venture. Emphasis is placed on developing strategies and managerial thinking vital to launching and leading a new venture.

MBA 665 Innovation and Entrepreneurship. 3 hours.
This course explores the hot issues concerning innovation. Innovation is an important and multifaceted topic. It is vitally important to the successful launch and growth of business ventures.

MBA 667 Negotiation, Conflict Resolution, and Labor Disputes. 3 hours.
The purpose of this course is to understand the theory and processes of dispute resolution. Negotiation is the art and science of securing agreements between two or more parties who are interdependent and who are seeking to maximize their own outcomes. The central issues of this course deal with understanding the behavior of individuals, groups and organizations in the context of competitive and cooperative situations. This course allows students to gain and develop negotiation skills through experimental learning and provides extensive feedback to improve participants’ ability to discover optimal solutions to problems.

MBA 669 Designing Strategic Teams. 3 hours.
This is a course on the theory and practice of managing groups and teams. It has two primary goals. The firrst goal is to provide conceptual guidelines for analyzing and diagnosing group dynamics and determining one’s strategic options as a manager. The second goal is to impart practical interpersonal skills for implementing effective strategies for group situations. Both of these should be useful while working in study groups and on class projects and for working in groups and teams upon graduation.

MBA 690 Semester Elective. 3 hours. Variable topics.