Student: Chad Marsh

Expected Graduation Date: 12/2014
Undergraduate Degree and Institution: Youth Ministry, Central Bible College

Please tell us about your future plans once you receive your MBA from the Breech School of Business.
I am currently an IT professional and my plan is to use the information I have learned to further my career in the IT field. 

How are your experiences in the MBA program at the Breech School of Business enhancing your professional career?
I am a fairly business minded individual so I am often considering the cost of operations or a project in relationship to its payoff for the organization.   The MBA courses are giving me a better understanding of how to calculate that information as well as other payoffs like customer and employee satisfaction. 

What specific courses have been your favorite, and why?
I have had two courses that I would say stand out from the rest, the first is MBA 690 Managing Corporate Securities and Investments.   This course had a lot of personal interest for me and the professor’s knowledge on how things work together was a constant amazement to me.   The second course would be MBA 671 Strategic Organization and Human Resources Management, which is odd because I dreaded the class.  I personally believe the easiest and fastest way to take care of your customers is to take care of your employees.  In this class we did a lot (and I mean a lot) of research on how large organization are coming to the same type of conclusion.   The class was a good reminder that many companies are trying to do better (not all) but there is no perfect place to work.

Do you have any favorite memories of about the Breech MBA program?
We will have to wait and see.

What advice would you offer to a new student beginning the MBA program at the Breech School of Business?
The greatest thing that this program offers is the ability to approach the professors.  Every professor does their part to make sure you know the information, so make sure you do your part.  Remember, it’s easier to stay caught up, than it is to catch up.