14 Drury to Drury Springfield After Hours
15 Drury to Drury Kansas City


1 Breakfast with Santa
4 New York City Holiday Party
6 Drury to Drury Arkansas
13 Kansas City Holiday Party
14 Washington, D.C. Holiday Party
19 Drury to Drury Springfield Holiday Party
20 St. Louis Holiday Party


9 Drury to Drury Springfield
17 Drury to Drury Kansas City
25 St. Louis Athletic Event with Panther Basketball


TBD Florida Alumni and Friends
2 Springfield Alumni and Parents Event with Panther Basketball
4-8 California Alumni and Friends
13 Drury to Drury Springfield After Hours
20 St. Louis Married Alumni Event
21 Drury to Drury St. Louis
23 Kansas City Athletic Event with Panther Basketball


4-8 Texas Alumni and Friends
13 Drury to Drury Springfield
21 Drury to Drury Kansas City
21 Drury to Drury Tulsa
26-28 Kansas Alumni and Friends


10 Drury to Drury Springfield After Hours
18 Drury to Drury St. Louis
22-25 Colorado Alumni and Friends Student Recruitment Event


8 Drury to Drury Springfield
16 Drury to Drury Kansas City

Alumni Council Update

By Kim Sutherland Crist '97

As I enter my last year of service to the Drury Alumni Council, I want to take a moment and reflect on what this opportunity has meant. I have enjoyed meeting fellow alumni, young and old, who share a passion and vision for Drury. I have joined a large network, both near and far, that could open endless doors should the need arise.

But what I appreciate the most are those things that might not be so apparent: the way I feel when I walk on campus and remember my own college days, seeing the students as they navigate through their studies while balancing the fun of college, meeting the professors who had a role in shaping the educational experience of both myself and fellow council members, and watching the campus evolve and change over time.

I now get to share the Drury experience with my own child. We love to cheer on the Panthers, attend Breakfast with Santa, and talk about what mommy did when she went to Drury. I cherish these moments and am so grateful that I accepted the call to serve in this capacity.

We have an entire council who can tell you why they became involved. And this year, after opening up the application process, we were able to welcome a whole new group who are sharing their time and talents. I’m confident that they have a newfound excitement and energy about Drury that will lead this council into the future. If you’re reading this and wondering why you have never been involved, here is the good news: We will need to fill four spots beginning June 2013.

Not only will you have the chance to participate in established events, you will also help to shape new events that are on the horizon for married alumni and mixers intended to bring alumni together with the Drury community. You will have the pleasure of meeting students who continue to uphold Drury’s strong reputation and build relationships that really matter. And you will expand your circle of friends by meeting new faces and getting to know those that may already be familiar.

This is the chance to extend your experience long past graduation, and I encourage you to consider getting involved. Because of my involvement with the Drury Alumni Council, I am making new memories all the time. When I spoke at graduation this past May on behalf of the council, I never would have imagined that I would have such an honor. Sure, the college days were fun but that moment will go down in my personal history book for many years to come. Get involved. You won’t be sorry you did.

Front Row (L-R): Darin Wedgeworth ’95, Carrie Brown ’07, Winter Skelton ‘05, MBA ‘10 (President), Laura Waters ’05, Heather Heffington ‘88
Second Row (L-R): Kevin Suhrheinrich ‘09, MBA ’11, Gary Banner ’74, Michael Wehrenberg ’99, Ken Sprenger ’75, Cody Danatasio ’09, Emily Givens, Regina Waters, Max Perryman ’66, Karen Shannon ‘82, MBA ‘83