Black United Independent Collegiate

Black United Independent College (B.U.I.C.) has been revitalized by current students on campus to offer support and encouragement to students of color. The organization is committed to: 

  1. Providing an atmosphere of mutual respect, cooperation and unity among students of color.
  2. Promoting academic excellence and achievement among students of color.
  3. Raising awareness of issues involving students of color.
  4. Empowering students of color to establish themselves within Drury's campus environment.

Membership shall be based on: 

  1. Any part-time or full-time student attending Drury University is eligible for full membership into the organization.
  2. Students are expected to be in good academic standing with the university in order to maintain membership.
  3. Attendance at meetings will be required.
  4. Participation in at least one sponsored activity per semester is required.