Out-of-Class Testing Services Policies and Procedures

Out-of-Class testing services are provided as an accommodation  to students with disabilities if documentation identifies such testing as appropriate. Examples of test-taking assistance through the DSS office are:

  • Exam questions read aloud
  • Exam answers scribed
  • Extended time with proctor
  • Use of computer with proctor
  • Enlarged print on exams
  • Tape-recorded exams

Download the Out-of-Class Testing Form (PDF)

How and When to Request:

  • Schedule out-of-class testing at least 2 days prior to exam day.
    • Call Counseling, Testing, and Disabilities Support Services at 873-7457. (Voicemail is available, so you can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
    • Submit "Exam Request From" to DSS front desk. (FSC 114)
  • DSS staff will not provide services until the appointment has been scheduled.
  • Without 2 days notice, the chance of getting services is reduced and you may have to reschedule the exam. Any rescheduling has to be approved by the professor.

Scheduling Exam Date and Times:

You must take the exam at the same time/date as the rest of the class. Exception to this expectation may be allowed if it is in writing by the professor.

Emergency Rescheduling:

If an situation causes you to miss a scheduled exam, you must contact DSS professor immediately. Rescheduled exams must be authorized by the professor