Winter Term and May Term

The Winter term and the May term are shortened periods of special experiential study that supplement the educational experience of our regular Fall and Spring semesters. These terms are an important part of the university’s academic programs. It should be understood that activities and credits in the Winter and May terms are highly restricted because of the time frame.

Registration for either the May or Winter terms is limited to one course per term, 1-3 hours per term, four (4) if a lab component is required. Information regarding tuition charges for short terms is available in the Business Office.

The activities of the short terms typically include:

  1.  Online and Blended Courses
  2. International travel that provides students with experiences in a different culture as part of their total educational preparation.
  3. Domestic travel courses that broaden the student’s view of the United States.
  4. Special courses offered in conjunction with the travel course. An example is language study offered in the country where the language is spoken.
  5. Independent studies, practical and/or special internships that give students the opportunity for learning experiences outside the boundaries of the campus classroom.

Travel courses result in widely variable charges that are typically paid by the student well in advance of the experience. Visiting or unclassified students would pay trip charges plus tuition. There will be an additional charge for room and board during the short terms.