Transfer Student Policy

Drury University maintains a policy that a student from a regionally accredited institution may apply for admission as a transfer student. The student should be in good standing with the previous institution attended and eligible to return to that college. Applications are due at least two weeks prior to the beginning of a new semester or summer term.

In addition to the required application (and essay), transfer applicants are required to submit the following:

  1. Final official transcripts from each college previously attended.
  2. A high school transcript with graduation date noted, or GED equivalent.
  3. ACT or SAT scores if the student has completed fewer than 30 semester hours of college coursework.
  4. Transfer Applicant Confidential Recommendation Form

Credits completed at other regionally accredited institutions may be transferred if the student has obtained a C or better in the course and if the course is applicable to the degree sought at Drury.

Statements concerning the possibility of transfer and the applicability of specific credit toward any of the degree programs at Drury University are made after thorough study of the official credentials. Transfer students receive an official written evaluation.

To be eligible for graduation, transfer students must complete at least the senior year; the last 30 semester hours (60 hours for master of architecture), in residence at Drury University.

Those students who have obtained an associate of arts degree from an accredited two-year college in a parallel academic program with the bachelor’s program at an accredited four-year institution will be entered with junior year status into a four-year degree program.

Any student who has previously attended another institution of higher education but fails to include such information in the application for admission to Drury University thereby forfeits the right to be a Drury student.

While a student is working toward a degree at Drury University, prior approval is required before enrolling at any other institution for any coursework for which the student would like to receive transfer credit.

A transfer student is defined as a student who has matriculated as a degree-seeking student at another college and spent at least a semester enrolled as a college freshman. Students who complete college credits on a dual credit basis or who earn hours through Advanced Placement or other testing are not transfer students.

Transfer students who have completed their Associate of Arts (“AA”) degree are required to complete the following requirements:

CORE-104: Drury by Design .5 hr
Ethical Analysis 3 hrs.
Foreign Language 6 hrs.
Engaged Learning 2 experiences

All other transfer students are required to complete all requirements for general education with the possible exceptions:

CORE 101: Drury Seminar
CORE 103: Drury Explorations

In lieu of CORE 101 or an equivalent to ENGL 150, transfer students will be required to enroll in ENGL 150. In lieu of CORE 103, transfer students will be required to enroll in CORE 104.

Please see the General Education section for more information on general education requirements.

International students who seek admission as transfer students should refer to additional information under International Student Admission.