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Scholastic Probation and Suspension

Drury students are expected to maintain the highest level of scholarship of which they are capable. Notification of probationary status serves as a warning that students are not making satisfactory progress toward the degree and that unless the quality of work improves, they will be subject to suspension from the university.

Students place themselves on probation and may be suspended or dismissed when they fail to maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average as set forth below.

Hours Earned/Cumulative GPA below which a student is placed on probation:

 < 1.6 GPA
 < 1.8 GPA
60 or above
 < 2.0 GPA

Students on probation cannot carry an academic overload and should be mature enough to decide, with the help of all available counseling and advising, which activities to drop (because they interfere with studying) and which to retain (because they play an important part in personal need or development).

Students failing to remove themselves from scholastic probation within one semester in residence after being placed on scholastic probation may be suspended. If the student shows satisfactory progress, they may be allowed to remain from semester to semester.

Students suspended from the university for academic reasons will not be eligible for readmission until at least one calendar year has passed. Readmission is not automatic. Applications for readmission must be submitted to the office of admissions at least one month prior to the first day of the proposed term of re-admittance. Students readmitted after suspension will be admitted on probation and must show satisfactory progress by the end of their first semester in order to remain enrolled.

Those students admitted as probationary students will not be permitted to carry an academic overload and must show significant progress toward the grade point average required for graduation.