Scholarships Available

Scholarships are available to new students entering Drury University. Students must be enrolled full-time (12 hours or more per semester) to be awarded Drury scholarships. Drury scholarships may not exceed the cost of tuition. No exceptions to this policy shall be made.

Drury University offers a number of academic scholarships recognizing a student’s academic achievements as well as performance and athletic opportunities. To receive full consideration for all scholarships, students should be admitted by December 1. Academic scholarships do not increase after a student has begun enrollment.

Eligibility for Drury Endowments and Scholarships

Students must be classified as full-time students as of the 100% charge date in each semester to receive any financial assistance funded by Drury University. Drury endowments and scholarships are limited to full-time, undergraduate day school students only. Drury scholarships may not exceed the cost of tuition. Separate financial aid arrangements are available for students enrolled in the College of Continuing Professional Studies. Drury scholarships and grants cannot be applied to off-campus enrichment programs, consortium agreements or foreign study other than at Drury University Center on the island of Aigina, Greece, and Regents College in London and other foreign institutions with which Drury has formalized enrollment agreements. Drury scholarships and financial aid are available to the student during this semester except for activity grants, work-study, residential scholarships, or any other scholarships which may be restricted to on-campus experiences.

Drury University reserves the right to withdraw part of all of any Drury funded scholarship is a student’s tuition is paid in full or part by an outside/government agency.

Scholarship Policy For Spring Semester Applicants

Availability of need-based assistance is limited for students who enroll in the spring semester. Those who qualify may receive the Pell Grant and Direct Loan. Application should be made well in advance of the beginning of classes.

There are some scholarships available to students who enroll in the spring semester. Academic scholarships may be granted to spring applicants on a waiting-list basis. No actual scholarship funds will be awarded for the spring semester. While notice of the award is made during the spring, funding does not go into effect until the following fall semester. In order to receive this assistance in the fall, the student must achieve the required academic standing during the spring. The policy regarding awarding scholarships to spring applicants is subject to change without notice if funding becomes unavailable.