Policies and Procedures

Health Insurance

Drury University requires all students to have proof of medical insurance coverage on file in the dean of students’ office. If students do not provide proof of insurance, they may be enrolled in a health insurance plan by the university.

Failure to provide proof of insurance will prohibit students from participating in extracurricular or off-campus university activities.

We hope that all students enjoy good health while at Drury University; however, illness and accidents are a reality of life. Recent changes in medical insurance plans (HMOs, PPOs, etc.) make it necessary for families to examine their insurance coverage before students leave for college. Please check to see if there are preferred providers for your plan in the Springfield area. The health center nurses are happy to help make arrangements with these providers when this information is available to them.

All international students enrolled at Drury University are required to purchase the student health plan offered through the university. A waiver of this requirement can be requested and must be renewed annually in the fall. A student’s prior insurance benefits must be equal to or greater than the Drury plan. Apply annually for a waiver through the ISS office within the first two weeks of the fall semester (or spring semester for new spring students).

Student Records

In accordance with Public Law 83-380, Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) the personally identifiable educational records of each student are open for inspection by the student except in limited cases where the privacy, confidentiality or professional privilege of another person is involved. Presently and previously enrolled students should check with the appropriate office to determine the procedures for inspection of their own records. Records are filed in the offices of the registrar, director of academic planning, financial aid, career planning and development, student health service and dean of students. Notwithstanding the above list, certain records are not available for inspection. These include: financial records of parents, confidential letters of recommendation, personal records of educational personnel (e.g., instructor’s grade book), security records and medical or other professional records.

The student has the right to a copy of the record(s) so inspected, with the cost of the reproduction assessed to the student. The student may challenge an inaccurate record and request a hearing concerning any alleged inaccuracy. Any challenge must establish by a preponderance of evidence that the record is inaccurate. If desired, the student may submit a written explanation of a record’s content, which then becomes a part of the record.

In the absence of an official request, information contained in the student’s records remains confidential between the student and Drury University and will not be released to third parties without the consent of the student with the following exceptions: information for the university directory, information needed by Drury officials, information requested by federal or state educational authorities, information released pursuant to state law of subpoena, information requested by accrediting agencies, academic information requested by parents of dependent students, information needed in connection with the receipt of financial aid and information requested by officials of other schools to which the student is seeking admission.

If a student has reason to believe that his or her records are in any way inaccurate, misleading or otherwise in violation of the student’s right to privacy, a hearing may be requested through the Office of Academic Affairs. A review panel will afford the student a full opportunity to present evidence in support of the challenge and will render a decision within a reasonable time after the hearing.

The university assumes student consent in listing as public information academic honors such as listing the student’s name on the dean’s list or graduation. The student who does not wish his or her name to be included in recognition of such honors should notify the registrar in writing.

Change of Name, Address, and Marital Status

In order that the university may keep accurate records, students who change their name, marital status, or local or home address should notify the Registrar’s Office or the Dean of Students office.


Students who are considering withdrawing from Drury during the semester (after registration has been completed and before the last week of classes) should initiate the withdrawal process at the Registrar’s Office in Bay Hall. Nonattendance of classes does not constitute official withdrawal.

Medical Withdrawal

Students who are considering a medical withdrawal should contact the Dean of Students office.

Official Leave

Students who wish to interrupt their degree program for a special internship or learning experience outside the regular curriculum should request, in writing, the permission of the Office of Academic Affairs.