The three primary goals of Drury’s internship program are:

  1. To help the student clarify educational and career objectives;
  2. To expand the student’s understanding of classroom theory by applying their training in some practical way; and
  3. To introduce the student to the world of work in terms of responsibilities and employer-employee relationships.

In addition to completing the on-site internship, the student may be asked to complete additional coursework as assigned by the faculty sponsor. Grades are assigned by the Faculty Sponsor and are based on performance at the internship site and other assigned coursework.

Students with at least 60 credit hours and a 2.5 or higher grade point average are eligible to complete internships for credit. Students must have completed coursework appropriate for the internship experience and must be related to their field of study.

The student is required to complete paperwork and submit it to Career Planning and Development prior to the beginning of the work experience and before the deadline to add a course for credit.

Credit will not be granted retroactively.

In order to receive credit for the internship, the student must be registered in coursework designated for internship credit. Each course carries three or six semester hours of credit. Only six hours of internship credit will apply toward the baccalaureate degree. Internships cannot be undertaken without all approvals being given and formal arrangements having been made. Student interns must work at least 135 hours for a three credit hour internship or 270 hours for a six credit hour internship. All hours must be completed during the semester in which they are receiving credit.

Tuition rates for internship are the same as all other academic courses.

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