International Transfer Student Admission

An international student who seeks admission to Drury University as a transfer student from a university outside the U.S. must complete all the admission requirements above. He or she must submit all previous college or university official transcripts with an English translation and complete course descriptions. Additionally, information is required describing the sending university, such as a verification of recognition by the national ministry of education, the number of weeks that comprise a typical semester or term of study and the number of contact or class hours per week for each class. An explanation of the grading system is also necessary. Possible transfer credits will be reviewed by Drury University and an estimate of course credits will be issued in order to help the international student make plans to enroll. If the transfer evaluation is complicated or if the university lacks adequate information to make a final credit award, the official determination of transfer credits may be given to the World Education Services (W.E.S.), a professional organization for the evaluation of foreign credentials or the International Education Research Foundation. If the evaluation is needed, the student is solely responsible for submitting the documentation required by the evaluation service and for paying the professional evaluation fee. Drury University will provide transfer students with contact information for these evaluation services.

International student athletes who plan to transfer from a university outside the United States are required to submit an official course-by-course college equivalency evaluation.