Food Services

Meal Plans for 2017-2018

The university meal plans are listed below. These meal (block) plans give the student the ultimate in flexibility and control.

45 Blocks with $130 Panther Bucks*
90 Blocks with $200 Panther Bucks
120 Blocks with $270 Panther Bucks
150 Blocks with $340 Panther Bucks
180 Blocks with $340 Panther Bucks

*Note: This meal plan is not an option for students in residence halls.
(There are approximately 16 weeks per semester.)

Block Plans

The block plans are based on meals per semester instead of meals per week. Your meal plan blocks can be used at the Commons whenever it is open or at the CX between 6:30 p.m. – 8 p.m. if you spend a minimum of $4.35. You can swipe your card for family and friends, too. Your unused Meal Plan Blocks do not roll over from the fall semester to the spring semester.

Panther Bucks 

Panther Bucks are monies that can be used for purchases in the CX and the Commons. Your unused Panther Bucks roll over from the fall semester to the spring semester only. Panther Bucks may also be used to pay the walk-up price of meals at the Commons.

Students may also pay with cash/credit at the CX and the Commons.

Campus Exchange

The CX (Campus eXchange) is located in Springfield Hall and is a perfect place for students to meet to work on projects, study, or just to relax. The CX offers menu items ranging from grill items that are cooked to order, to the “Grab n’ Go” menu items which include pre-packaged entrée salads and sandwiches. Students can also enjoy a variety of Starbucks freshly brewed beverages.

FSC Commons

The Commons Dining Hall features a robust menu of home-style foods, daily grill items, vegetarian entrées, as well as an extensive salad & salad bar and a dessert station. The Commons also features seasonal special events and provides “to go” containers. Arrangements can be made for individual consultations concerning any dietary need, such as vegan, weight control, food allergies or medically prescribed diets.