Explanation Of Tuition And Fees


The basic charge to cover the general institutional, student services, library and plant operations. Tuition covers but a portion of these costs that also are supported by generous gifts and grants and endowment income. Tuition and fees may be charged for certain winter term and May term courses. These charges will be based on CCPS rates. These courses typically involve travel, and a non-refundable deposit may be required.

Student Health Fee

Covers the basic cost of operating a student health facility on campus currently under contract with Cox Medical Center. A part-time physician is available at prescribed hours and a full-time nurse is on duty daily.

Student Fee

An assessment determined in conjunction with the Drury University Student Government Association that covers a small portion of operating costs of the Findlay Student Center and supports student-sponsored activities such as the university newspaper, student radio station, concerts, dances, etc.

Technology Fee

The technology fee is used to enhance the infrastructure and applications used by the university.

Part-time Student Tuition and Fees

Covers a portion of the expenditure as listed above for full-time students.

Residential Plans

Covers the cost of housing operations, repairs and maintenance, utilities, contractual food service operations, etc.

Audit Fee Per Course

A reduced rate of tuition designed for students and members of the community who merely want to take an undergraduate level course without credit and examinations. The audit fee per course enables the student to sit in on as many class periods as the student desires in any lecture course on the campus. Online, blended, studio, laboratory, and activity courses are not conducive to auditing and must be taken for credit. Any student may take one undergraduate level course per semester as audit on a space-available basis. The course must be designated as audit by the last day to change the course schedule in the academic calendar. Prior permission of the instructor is required and students will participate to the extent determined by the instructor. Audit students will not receive a grade or credit for the course.

Tuition for Semester Credit Hours in Excess of 17 Semester Credit Hours

The full-time tuition for Drury University is predicated on a certain number of courses, available classroom space and an average student credit hour load that permits graduation within eight semesters of full-time attendance.

Students who enroll for more than 17 semester credit hours per semester are normally required to pay the additional per credit hour fee. However, there are certain exceptions to this policy whereby the student may enroll in certain courses and the additional per credit hour fee is waived. The additional per credit hour fee is not applicable in the case of certain applied music, communication and theatre activities courses. A list of these courses is available in the Registrar’s Office or student financial services.

New Student Orientation Fee

Covers the cost of the freshmen orientation program and room and board for the period immediately prior to the start of the fall semester.

International Student Orientation Fee

Covers the cost of the two-day or four-day international orientation program and room and board for the period immediately prior to the start of the fall or spring semester.

Drop/Add Fee

A special handling fee designed to cover a portion of the special processing cost for students who wish to drop or add a course or courses after the prescribed deadline.

Transcript Fee

A charge to cover the cost of processing a request for a certified transcript copy and mailing to prospective employers and graduate schools. The first transcript received following graduation is free. Unofficial copies of transcripts for currently enrolled students can be obtained at no charge (for students with no balances).

Late Registration Fee

A special handling charge for students who register after the prescribed registration period each semester.

Admission Deposits

All admitted students must pay a deposit to confirm their plans to attend Drury. For commuting students the deposit is $100 which will be credited to the student’s account. Residential students pay $300; $100 is a tuition deposit and $200 is a housing deposit. The tuition and housing deposits are fully refundable until May 1 for the fall semester or December 1 for the spring semester.

Applied Music Fees

Covers the direct cost of providing individual music lessons and associated recitals in our music program.