Drury University Policies Regarding Financial Aid

Renewal Of Financial Aid

Academic scholarships awarded without respect to need (except as noted below) will be renewed annually, provided that students make satisfactory academic progress, remain in good academic standing with the University, and maintain full-time enrollment each semester. Academic standing will be checked at the end of each spring semester to determine eligibility for scholarship renewal.

Financial aid awarded on the basis of need will be renewed annually, on a first-come, first-served basis, provided that students reapply and are not on academic probation. Students who do not file the FAFSA will lose eligibility for need-based funding from the institution, and from the federal and state governments.
A student who loses an academic scholarship may be considered for other financial aid if he or she is not otherwise on academic probation.

A student who receives financial aid on the basis of need (federal and/or state financial assistance) and who is on academic probation at the end of a year (spring semester) is not eligible to receive state and federal grants and all Drury scholarships and grants while on probation. If such a student continues to attend and subsequently is removed from academic probation, he or she will be considered again for financial aid. All students receiving any type of federal and/or state financial assistance (Title IV Funds) must make satisfactory academic progress each academic year, and must meet all federal requirements to continue receiving aid. A copy of the satisfactory academic progress statement is available on the Financial Aid website.

Any student admitted on academic probation will not be eligible for financial aid until such time as he or she is removed from probation.