Co-Curricular Programs

Student Government

The Student Government Association, composed of senators from each class and a faculty/staff advisor, takes an active role in all phases of campus life. The student government association, in addition to governing in the normal province of student affairs, appoints voting student representatives on all student-faculty committees. Student government association provides open lines of communication, promotes cooperation and allocates funds to designated student organizations.

Student Activities Office

The Student Activities Office oversees, evaluates and improves functionality of Student Activities and involvement programs, including student organizations, club sports, intramural teams, Greek chapters and councils, Student Government Association and Student Union Board. The Office of Student Activities proves appropriate input, goals and action strategies; implementation support and evaluation tools for driving positive change; effective student leader development; constructive member management; success recruitment, retention and recognition initiatives; progressive communication and marketing practices; valuable program implementation; accountability measures and relevant healthy-lifestyle and safe living support. The office also provides information and opportunities for interested students to learn more about getting involved in activities that benefit them.

The Student Activities Office is located in room 124 of the Findlay Student Center.

Study Abroad and International Programs

International Programs seeks to provide opportunities for personal growth and advancement of Drury’s students through long-term and short-term study abroad programs. These programs are continuously improved and enhanced, and they encourage students to combine their theoretical knowledge with practical, everyday activities in a foreign country.

Community Outreach and Leadership Development

Community Outreach and Leadership Development encourages Drury students to become more aware of responsibilities in local and global communities. As Drury students progress through their college careers, the following programs are designed to expose students to volunteerism.

Students with one year of academic experience can apply to live in Summit Park Leadership Community. Summit Park Leadership Community engages Drury University students in an experiential learning environment that focuses on the principles of leadership while incorporating the value of community service. Student teams focus an entire year of residency to design, organize and implement a project based on the idea that leadership is a purposive process that is ultimately concerned with fostering change.

Students who qualify for federal work-study grants are eligible to serve as trained literacy and mathematics tutors in the Springfield Reads and MATHCOUNTS programs. In a partnership with neighboring Title 1 public schools and community agencies, Drury University and its students are dedicated to ensuring every child in the community receives the needed assistance to become successful in academics.

Leadership and Volunteer Development also sponsors international service experiences during various short-term study abroad trips. The International Service Experience leads students to become active global citizens as they volunteer in various initiatives while experiencing another culture.

Contact Community Outreach and Leadership Development for more details about any of the above programs at Findlay Student Center 117 Student Development, (417) 873-7419,

First-Year Experience

The first-year experience begins with admission to the university, summer registration and an orientation program in the fall. During these times, every effort is made to help each student develop a sense of what to expect through contacts with an academic advisor/mentor and upper-class orientation leaders. Academic and social integration into the university are the keys to a successful first-year experience, and the first-year experience program supports this effort throughout the first year. Academic and personal counseling, the mentor classes and group activities, special programming to assist in the transition from high school to college and the opportunity to be involved in a leadership development program highlight the first-year experience at Drury. The director of Director of New Student Programs serves as a resource for all first-year students — freshmen, transfer and international—who may seek additional assistance with their transition to Drury University.

Contact: Jennifer Stewart, Director of Orientation and New Student Programs