Advance Deposits

Admission to Drury is selective and the number of new students, freshmen and transfers admitted each year is limited. A freshman or transfer student must remit an advance deposit after acceptance by the university. A student planning to live in Drury housing is required to remit a $300 deposit ($100 toward tuition, $200 toward housing); commuter students remit a $100 deposit. The additional $200 from on-campus students is set aside in a special escrow account to cover housing damages and key losses. It is refundable when an enrolled student leaves Drury (exclusive of damages, key charges or an outstanding balance with the university)

The advance tuition and housing deposits are not refundable after May 1 for fall semester entrance and December 15 for spring semester entrance. An extension of the deadline may be considered if the applicant requests such an extension from the office of admission.