Employers are seeking leaders who understand how to protect, detect, defend, and respond to attacks on information security. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2014) projected employment of Information Security Analyst will grow by 37 percent through 2020.

In order to help prepare small business owners and professionals for this new role and employment opportunities, the Breech School of Business is offering a graduate-level certificate in Cybersecurity Leadership (CSL). The certificate program features four courses (12 credit hours) and is designed to serve individuals of all backgrounds – not just CIS majors.

Courses will include labs and learning experiences that help prepare professionals to secure and defend information systems. In addition to gaining knowledge of the fundamentals of information security, students will also acquire a strong foundation in risk and risk management.

Included in the coursework is preparation for the ISACA certification exam (not required).

Program Costs & Potential Occupations (12 Hour Program)

CSL + MBA Option

Students can apply six of the certificate credit hours toward Drury's 30-hour MBA program, making it possible to earn the certificate and the MBA in just 36 credit hours.