Signs & Symptoms of a Distressed Student

  • Excessive procrastination and very poorly prepared work, especially if this is inconsistent with previous work.
  • Dependency. For example, the student who hangs around you or makes excessive appointments to see you during office hours.
  • Listlessness, lack of energy, or frequently falling asleep in class.
  • Marked changes in personal hygiene.
  • Impaired speech or garbled, disjointed thoughts.
  • Homicidal threats.
  • Behavior which regularly interferes with the decorum or effective management of your class.
  • Overtly suicidal thoughts--i.e., referring to suicide as a current option.
  • High levels of irritability, including unruly, aggressive, violent, or abrasive behavior.
  • Inability to make decisions despite your repeated attempts to clarify and to encourage.
  • Dramatic weight loss or weight gain.
  • Bizarre or strange behavior which is obviously inappropriate to the situation, like talking to "invisible" people.
  • Normal emotions that are displayed to an extreme degree for a prolonged period of time--i.e., fearfulness, tearfulness, nervousness, etc. 

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