How to Make a Referral to Counseling Services

  1. Suggest that the student call or come in to make an appointment. Give the Counseling Service’s phone number (873-7418) and location (lower level FSC).

  2. If you wish to be certain the student has an appointment, call Counseling Services while the student is in your office. Due to client confidentiality, we cannot inform you as to whether or not a student has made or kept an appointment. Write down the appointment info, including time, date and location for student.

  3. If the situation is an emergency, follow #2 above, but state that the student needs an “emergency appointment.” Except on rare occasions, the student can be seen shortly after your call.

  4. Sometimes it may be useful or necessary for you to walk the student over to Counseling Services.

  5. Follow up with the student by inquiring as to whether he/she kept their appointment and how they felt their session went.

  6. If you are concerned about a student but are uncertain of the appropriateness of the referral, or a student resists a referral, feel free to call Counseling Services for a consultation. You and the counselor can speak frankly about the student and the situation. Should you wish for the counselor to intervene with the student, the counselor will ask for your permission to reveal your name as the source of concern.

Referral Resources

  • Counseling Services: FSC 114, ext. 7418
  • Panther Health Clinic: Weiser Gym, ext. 6300 for physical health concerns, open 9 am. - 3:30 p.m. on weekdays
  • Campus Security: FSC, ext. 7400 or ext. 7911 for emergencies

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