About Counseling Services

It would be unusual if a student, at some time, did not experience problems adapting to new situations and changes taking place within himself or herself. Most students face concerns and academic pressures while at Drury and might at times feel intense anxiety, anger, sadness or depression. Sometimes, because of the nature or magnitude of the personal concern, getting help may be desirable. Students come to the Counseling Services office wanting to feel better about themselves and others. The counselors are trained to assist people with personal growth, with awareness of self and environment, and with developing the skills students need to cope with problem situations. We believe that when students seek another objective perspective through the utilization of counseling services, that the students are demonstrating courage and wisdom.

Counseling Services works closely with the medical staff at the Health Clinic to help make sure that a student’s physical health is addressed as well as their mental and emotional health. Should a student benefit from seeing a doctor or discussing medication treatments, the campus health clinic staff will assist. Cox Hospital is just a couple blocks northwest of campus should a student require more health services intervention. Counseling Services will also refer students to off campus providers if more in-depth psychological services are needed.

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