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Foreign Languages Institute at Missouri State University

Note: Both forms are required for admittance

What is the Foreign Languages Institute at Missouri State University?

The Foreign Language Institute (FLI) is a collaborative venture between Missouri State University, Drury, Ozarks Technical College, Evangel University and Southwest Bible University. It was established to increase students’ access to language that otherwise would not be widely available in the region.

How do I register for courses in the FLI?

You register for FLI courses by downloading the forms available on the languages department website, and getting the required signatures. You will need to then take the forms in person to the registrar’s office. Just as you would for your other courses, and you pay regular tuition and fees to Drury.

Do credits transfer from the FLI or MSU to Drury?

No. You are enrolled through, and pay tuition to, Drury, and credits from your FLI course will appear on your Drury transcript. They are not transfer credits. Drury will allow each student to take the two courses necessary to complete their CORE foreign language requirement through this agreement. Additional classes at the FLI, over and above the courses necessary to complete the CORE credit however, will be paid directly to MSU and will be received as transfer credit.

Where do FLI courses meet?

Most courses offered through the FLI meet at the Jim D. Morris Center, located at the corner of Jefferson and McDaniel streets in downtown Springfield.

Who teaches FLI classes?

FLI courses are taught by instructors hired by the FLI. The FLI instructor will track your attendance and grades and will forward that information on a regular basis to the FLI Coordinator at Drury. Disputes over attendance or grades are handled at the FLI, not at Drury.

Where can I park?

During the first week of class, FLI students from Drury may park at any MSU yellow lot downtown without penalty. During that week, students receive a complimentary MSU commuter parking pass, which must be returned at the end of each term.

Can I drop a course I take at the FLI?

The regular rules regarding dropping a course at Drury apply to dropping a course at the FLI. See the Academic Calendar for the last day to make schedule changes and the last day to drop.

Will I be able to complete a full sequence in my language?

The FLI plans to offer four-semester sequences in each language (e.g., Italian 101-202). However, it cannot guarantee that the sequence will always be available, since classes may be canceled due to low enrollments, instructor unavailability, or other extenuating factors.

More information about the FLI can be found at