Student Affairs Community Standards Staff

Tijuana Julian
Dean of Students and Executive Vice President of Student Affairs
Findlay Student Center, 201
(417) 873-7215

Sarene Deeds
Director of Security
Findlay Student Center, 101
(417) 873-7400

Andrew Goodall
Director of Residence Life & Student Conduct
Findlay Student Center, 110
(417) 873-6871

Holly Binder
Director of Housing
Findlay Student Center, 120
(417) 873-7654

Rob Neiss
Director of Greek Life and Student Activities
Findlay Student Center, 124
(417) 873-3061

Student Affairs Division

The Student Affairs Division assists Drury students in building productive, educational relationships on campus and positively contributing to campus and community life. The staff provides various resources, educational programs and community-based activities for each student; maintains communication with campus departments, students and parents; helps coordinate workshops and educational experiences; and recognizes positive achievements and growth of Drury students. The Student Affairs Division assists each student in creating quality educational understanding to the undergraduate collegiate experience.

Online Resources

  1. Drury University Policies & Procedures: Current Drury University Community Standards Policies and Procedures can be found at
  2. Confidential Reporting: Concerned Drury citizens may report possible incidents or information relating to an incident at
  3. Missouri Statutes: Current Missouri statutes can be found at: