Fire Pits & BBQ Grills Policy

Drury University is committed to maintaining an academic and social environment conducive to intellectual and personal development of students and to the safety and welfare of all members of the campus community. Drury University is also committed to having a safe, education-oriented campus. Drury prohibits the misuse of fire pits, BBQ grills and other outdoor structures by its students, employees, citizens, and guests. The university will cooperate with local and state authorities in the enforcement of all federal laws and state laws, as well as city ordinances.

Drury University allows students and student organizations the freedom to use the outdoor fire pits and BBQ grills for the purpose of achieving regular, positive social interaction, while accepting responsibility for the all factors related to the use of the fire pits and BBQ grills on campus. As with any other scheduled or non-scheduled social event, the sponsoring/attending students or student organization is responsible for managing the event involving the fire pit or BBQ grills with concern for the health and safety of individuals present at the event. All policies and procedures of the university must be followed at all times. Students or student organizations that violate any university policies subject themselves to the student conduct process outlined in the Community Standards Handbook.

University staff/faculty members may ask students to discontinue the use of a fire pit or BBQ grill at any time, for hazardous conditions, such as high winds, burn bans, etc., or if smoke emissions become offensive to occupants of surrounding property. Failure to comply with a request to extinguish the fire will result in a Gross Disrespect (Community Standards Handbook p. 40) policy violation for the individual or organization hosting the event. Any policy violation will follow the standard procedure for student conduct administration.

Guidelines for Use

Only matches may be used as the lighting mechanism for any fire in the fire pits and BBQ grills. Only non-treated wood, paper and charcoal briquettes may be used as burning materials. Accelerants are prohibited. It is the responsibility of the individual/organization to provide needed materials.

Straw, hay bales or any other flammable materials are not to be used for seating and/or decorative purposes within 25 feet of a fire pit or BBQ grill while a fire is lit. Firewood intended for the purpose of fueling the fire must be stacked at least 10 feet away from the edge of the fire pit.

Fire should not be lit (or must be extinguished) if wind speeds exceed 10 miles per hour. Drury University Security and SAO personnel reserve the right to deny, cancel or postpone a reservation due to inclement weather.

Fire should be extinguished immediately following the conclusion of the event.

Possession or use of alcohol at the fire pits or BBQ grills is prohibited according the Drury University Alcohol Policy Individual Regulation no.11 Alcohol in Open Locations (Community Standards Handbook p.13).

BBQ grills should only be used for cooking food and for no other purpose.


Individuals should exercise extreme caution around the fire pits and maintain a safe distance from the fire pit’s edge unless lighting or extinguishing the fire.

Any damage caused to surrounding grounds by fire will be the responsibility of the individual(s) or organization using the fire pit or grills. Any restitution costs will be estimated by Drury Facilities and billed directly to the individual(s) or student organization’s account. The individual(s) or student organization(s) using the fire pit/BBQ grill are responsible for any damage to individual property or personal injury while in use.

A lit fire pit or grill may not be left unattended at any time. A designated member of the individual(s) or organization must attend the fire constantly until it has been extinguished, and be responsible for contacting Drury Security in the event of an emergency.

Drury University Security and SAO personnel reserve the right to deny, cancel or postpone a reservation due to inclement weather.

If anyone becomes concerned that an individual(s) are at risk, contact the Drury Security immediately at 417-873-7911. If fire becomes unmanageable with use of fire extinguisher call 9-1-1 and immediately follow-up with a phone call to Drury Security.

Reservation Process

To guarantee availability of a fire pit, reservations are encouraged through the Student Activities Office (SAO) and are preferred to be at least one (1) week prior to the event and must follow all social event guidelines. SAO will issue a fire extinguisher to the reserving individual/organization to be present at the event. SAO will instruct the reserving individual/organization in proper and safe use of the fire extinguisher.

The SAO reserves the right to deny the rental of a fire pit to organization(s) or individual(s) if the fire pit will be used at event where alcohol will be present and there are concerns for risk management and safety.

If student(s) or student organization(s) wish to use the fire pits after normal business hours during the week or on the weekend, and the fire pits are not already reserved, they must contact Drury Security. Drury Security will provide them with a fire extinguisher and log their use of the fire pit and fire extinguisher. Drury Security will instruct the reserving individual/organization in proper and safe use of the fire extinguisher. Fire extinguishers will not be checked out after 10pm on any day of the week.

Fire pits and BBQ grills and surrounding areas must be cleaned after every event by the individual(s) or organization using the spaces. Groups using the fire pit must return the fire extinguisher to SAO or Security. Cleaning includes, but is not limited to, the removal of trash, debris, and all burning material not entirely consumed by the fire and all other personal or organization-owned items from the area. SAO will check on the status of fire pit clean-up on the next business day after reservation expires. SAO will check with Drury Security every Monday whether a fire pit was used and will perform an inspection of the fire pit to check if it was properly cleaned in the event that it was used late at night or over the weekend.

Failure to clean the fire pit or grill area will result in a Misuse of Property (Community Standards Handbook pg. 41) violation for the individual/organization making the reservation.

The individual or organization that fails to return a fire extinguisher to either SAO or Drury Security by the next business day (or if fire extinguisher is returned in a damaged condition) will be charged for replacement costs.


Each fire pit will have permanent signage installed at the site displaying basic instructions and guidelines for use including but not limited to: 

  • Only use wood, paper or charcoal briquettes to fuel fire
  • Accelerants are prohibited
  • Fire is prohibited if winds are at or above 10 miles per hours
  • All fires must be extinguished by 11pm
  • The transportation of fire extinguishers off campus is prohibited
  • Advance reservations are made through the Student Activities office in FSC 124
  • SAO is responsible for putting up and taking down reservation signs at the fire pit(s).
  • Last-minute night & weekend access be should be arranged through Drury Security at (417) 873-7911

In emergency, call Drury Security at (417) 873-7911